What is on the Other Side?

Think there’s only one life to live? Is your body the only thing you feel alive in? Well I have some great news for you. You can overcome. With a little empowerment and knowledge, you can meet your real self. 

It all starts in the energy field. Everywhere there’s particles of energy projected from the core of the Big Bang. These little vibrating energies interact in such a way to create forces and matter that make up every grain of your existence. So you see, you are an energy being! You’ve lived lives as stars before coming to this world. Your purpose here is twofold: to give love and gain knowledge. This is the download you’ve been waiting for. 

There’s so much more to the picture. More than coming from stars and bringing Heaven to Earth. More than the physical. You see, the energies that contextualize as the forces and matter you are made of aren’t fixed. Nothing exists as a single form. Everything changes. We perceive ourselves based on how we’re programmed. Yes, we are programmed. We’re conditioned to perceive in such a way that allows us to interact on this physical plane of existence. And there’s more to you. A lot more…

You can be anything. Every part of you exists as everything. This is natural law. And this also means that everything you perceive to be you is but part of the big picture. 

There are multiple levels of consciousness at play here. Physical is level 1. Spiritual is level 2.you don’t stop there. There’s angelic levels. There’s levels of the actual physical laws. All within your consciousness, used to contextualize the reality you’re experiencing right here and now. 

There’s multiple dimensions of reality. The universe is dimensionless. But once projected unto you, the universe becomes infinite. Just as there are multiple levels of your consciousness, there are multiple dimensions of you. The projections onto the particles and forces that make you are simultaneously projected onto every possible layer of existence. All at once. Why don’t we see this then? Well, we’re just not that advanced yet. But we’re getting there. That is why we evolve. 

When you open yourself up to the nature of infinite possibilities in and around you, you start to get it. You can go into your conscious space and from there see how your life is contextualized in multiple dimensions. Dreams within dreams. You’re just observing. Let your imagination take you places. Your inner vision and other senses will come alive, showing you more and more of the possibilities of you. Are you an alien? Are you an angel walking the Earth? Are you God in the physical form? You can unravel your own code. You can see yourself before birth. You can find yourself on alien planets. Or just the wings of magnetic fields. The possibilities are endless. 

Your soul knows. You are intimately connected to the higher self in this way. Trust your gut. This trust allows your intuition to show you how these other realities ate contextualized within the multiple possibilities of every grain of your existence. Anything is possible. Life is possible. So live it! Love it! There are so many gifts simply from being here in the physical. The knowledge gained of our multiple dimensions are gifts. And so are the simple things like snuggling. Like sex and chocolate. Music. Art. Science. So the real lesson here is that no matter how complicated things get, you can always appreciate life and enjoy being you. And I’m glad you’re here. 

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