What is the Meaning of Dreams?

There's a lot of people that talk about dream interpretation these days. You can get some really good insight to what your dreams mean. Or you can go deeper into the process to find out what you really mean. What is the parallel from the dream world to the waking dream you call reality?

Dreams are like an alternate reality. They have the elements of the real world. People and places. Memories. Feelings. Pay close attention to the feelings portrayed in the dream, as the emotions bring you to memories of real events from your life. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

Aside from the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic aspects of dreaming, there's a process running in the background. The dreams happen in layers. Just like reality! 

In reality, there's the surface mind. Your ego. The inner dialog. It allows you to think things that if you keep thinking will make you believe are real. So you can create reality from the surface mind. A lot of people do. 

And underneath the surface mind is the subconscious. This is the window to your soul. And for your brain and body, the subconscious controls about 95% of what you think you're controlling with the surface mind. 

There's also subtle consciousness. The subtle mind is a state. It is a state of coherence between mind, body, and soul. It is a state of silence with which the channels of universal knowledge become open. It is a state of flow. The universe flows through you within infinite projections through every grain of your existence. Simply acknowledging this process allows it to work. 

And then there's the superconsciousness. This is your consciousness in realms of nature, spirit, angels and archangels, and even the laws of physics, Akashic Records, and God. Your spirit and angel guides are aspects of your consciousness that reflect your highest and best good for your growth and evolution. And the laws of physics are your consciousness building your creation called reality in the now. 

While in the waking dream, aka waking state, the surface mind only has the illusion of being in control. The subconscious is doing all the work. The subtle mind accepts input from the infinite possibilities of the quantum universe as the superconsciousness goes to work creating reality. And all that's while you're awake! 

In the dream state, your surface mind is still reflecting itself in such a way that distracts you from the process, but now it's on autopilot most of the time. So here's the cool thing about this: You can wake up from a dream to something else going on in the dream. You can be doing work on yourself. It's not just the brain repairing itself--your subconscious is actually downloading and installing updates. And your superconsciousness is teaching you how to use them. 

So what do dreams really mean? It's really just a trick to keep you occupied while work is being done. You know, kinda like how the media distracts the masses when the government wants to push something through or do something unnoticed. And when you awaken to the process of dream waking, you become aware of how you can create reality with thought, the very same phenomenon as lucid dreaming. 

The brain also functions at many different frequencies between sleeping and waking. So there are other ways to access this cosmic school happening in your consciousness. Meditation can take you into states that allow your subconscious to reprogram. It's been proven to be very effective at this and provides several health benefits. 

Longer wavelength brain wave states accessed through meditation or sleep allow access to your subconscious programming. There's a lot of junk that gets stored there! From birth or even before, we just keep piling it on. Limiting beliefs can be harmful to ourselves. Negative beliefs can block you from attracting what you desire. These can be consciously pulled and replaced with positive empowering beliefs. Just be open and ready, acknowledging that these beliefs have served you somehow in the part up until now, giving you some kind of benefit. When you see that you get that benefit and more in new empowering ways with stronger, more positive beliefs, it's easy to let go! 

While in dream state, your consciousness is more ready to let go because the surface mind isn't there to reason why it still needs the negative beliefs. So dreams mean that your consciousness also cleans itself out like spyware and virus protection. That's what's happening while you're dreaming! 

So go to sleep knowing that your consciousness is protecting you while you learn new ways to create reality in the waking world. And it's good to know that, isn't it? 

Bonus technique: See what happens if you imagine a bright spotlight emanating from the top of your head out into outer space. Hint-it's what I used to do before the Omniverse was downloaded after a visit from someone who picked up my signal while in a dream. Now it's automatic. And simply knowing what you're capable of allows this process to work perfectly for you. Pretty cool, eh?


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