What is the Omniverse?

The Omniverse is the realization of a larger reality from which the universe’s creation was made possible.  If this sounds like the famous quote from Morpheus, “The matrix is the world that has been put before your eyes to blind you from the truth,” read on.  You will see your entire reality change when you realize there’s more to our universe.

The Omniverse is a simple concept.  Think of the universe as a baseball.  The Omniverse is the ballpark and surrounding areas.  It is where the grand slam emerges.  When the baseball is hit out of the ballpark, the reaction is set forth that lays the foundation for the Big Bang to happen.  This is where our laws of physics begin.

In scientific terms, the Omniverse is quite similar to the structure of an atom.  At the beginning of the periodic table, we have Hydrogen, with a single electron.  While the electron is represented as a particle in the Standard Model, the classical depiction of a particle orbiting the nucleus is wrong.  An electron actually makes a field around the nucleus, which can interact with its surroundings.  Electrons can be shared in molecules, as pictured, and electrons fields will occur in different types of orbitals and levels of excitation.

The Omniverse, like the atom, has a nucleus surrounded by a field.  Our entire post-Big Bang universe exists in this field.  We are the electron field to the Omniverse’s nucleus.  Our universe also changes levels of excitation and interacts with its surroundings.  Modern physicists suggest as many as 600 parallel universes as a natural consequence of quantum fluctuations.  These are states of one field, similar to orbitals of an electron.  An energy influx can raise an electron’s level of excitation.  The same process yields the Big Bang.  Once the universe is allowed to expand, the rapid inflation starts and our universe becomes what we observe today!

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Image: high resolution photograph of a molecule highlighting different types of atomic bonds (IBM)


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