What is the Universe’s Definition of Unconditional Love?

Ever wonder how all of the cells in your body know exactly what to do to support you? How do they even know that you are you? It could be anybody's cell. But your cells are unique. Just like you! And there's a lot more to know about who you are...

Let's go back to the beginning. Before you were born. Way before. Back to the beginning of the universe. At the very moment our singularity became unstable, it expanded at faster-than-light speed, unfolding into space. This allowed a fabric with which the universe's energy could be conducted. Then the energy began the process of transmutation like white light entering a prism to form a rainbow of beautiful colors.

This process yielded a primordial soup of particles. Every particle is an extension of the underlying energy of the singularity. This is why we observe quantum entanglement. But it gets even better! Every particle attracts. On a very basic level, this attraction is what starts universal evolution. It is the very nature of things to grow and evolve because of this one simple property. This nature of all things is the basic universal consciousness. It is a prime directive. To grow and evolve.




And the universe did! Once particles started attracting each other, photons were able to move freely and like the spoken words 'be light,' light came to be and the universe lit up. Every particle has its own function working within the hierarchy of everything as the universe continued its transformation. And all of its attraction equals one thing-the underlying energy. We know it as love.

Fast forward over 9 billion years to the formation of life on Earth. The chemicals that formed proteins and started life are an extension of this process of growing and evolving. And as we evolved into multicellular life, a miraculous synchronicity began to unfold. Just like space unfolding and transmuting into a rainbow of unique particles, each with their own identity, cells became imprinted with an identity as communities evolved. This is the natural state of evolution in progress. Evolution yielded identities.

In you, every cell starts out as a stem cell, receiving instructions on what it's function will be. It performs its functions while maintaining its identity as you. Rather than acting as individuals in a colony, every single cell IS you! And what does this mean for your place within your community? You guessed it, the same thing! You are not a group of individuals-you are part of a global community.

This is our next stage of evolution, like cellular colonies evolving into multicellular beings. We are evolving with respect to consciousness. Our identity is nature. Every single one of us. And we are living on one planet. As above, so below. In this consciousness level, life and death each serve a purpose. Cycles of time bring change on mass scales and that means lessons for nature. And Earth is constantly evolving. Her place in the solar system becomes part of a grander cycle. And the sun cycles within a finger of the galaxy. The galaxy cycles within the Virgo Cluster, cycling within the Laniakea Supercluster. As above, so below.

Ready to take it to the next level? We are all part of this process. We are the cells supporting the function and the growth of the body. This is natural law. And this is love in its very essence. Just like how every cell is attracted into its space functioning perfectly in your body and synchronized with your identity. Just like how subatomic particles attract either to make the very matter you are made of. This love is the basis of all consciousness. Your cells love being a part of you. That's why they keep coming back with new cells as the old cells die.

This is the cycle of life. Like stars living and dying to create the atoms you and I are made of. And like our cells, we live and die, supporting our communities and life on Earth. You happen to life. Life is not happening to you. Notice how you can see your own life from the viewpoint of a neutral observer. Instead of taking things in life personally, simply review the lessons. From this space, can you see how your lessons led to your growth? And even if it felt bad at the time, can you acknowledge that everything happened in such a way to deliver you to this present moment right here and now? This is the beauty of life. Everything that happens facilitates growth. You choose to qualify it as good or bad.


Nature does not judge. In her grand cycles, life forms come and go. She loves them all. Why? Because it is part of her evolution. On another scale, starts live and die in grand cycles that create planets. The universe is full of such cycles, all of which support you being right here right now. Yes, the entire universe conspires to make your experience for the highest and best good. Right here and now!

You are loved on every level. Every lesson. In this sense, your consciousness transcends duality (positives and negatives). The real reality becomes the underlying energy of the universe. All of the pluses and minuses actually add together. This is the absolute value of things. And this is this way because energy cannot be destroyed. It is always there. Love is always there. This is unconditional love. More importantly, this is your consciousness. This is who you really are.

Remember this next time you feel something had taken you down. Remember this is part of the process of your growth and self actualization. When you view lessons without the judgment, your consciousness rises above duality and into unconditional love. And notice how dramatically that changes how you react. You are now projecting unconditional love onto others, not the stuff that you were once stuck with in the past. You are evolving into the best version of yourself. And this is what I see.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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  1. Oh, David, this was a wonderful piece of writing. I am so proud of you for being able to have these grand thoughts and then to be able to state them in a way that others (who are not scientists) can understand. This was so helpful to read today, as I am adjusting to my new life and responsibilities alone. Thank you. I love you.

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