What It’s Really All About…

When I talk about my new book, the number one question is always “what is it about?” My brief explanation is that it’s a scientific proposal of what happened before the Big Bang – how events must have occurred in order to allow the Big Bang to happen. According to the current theory, the Big Bang started when a singularity – a point particle containing the entire universe – went critical because it was unstable. So the Big Bang happened because the singularity was unstable. But I asked the question, if it wasn’t stable, how was it there in the first place? That’s how the idea of the Omniverse came to me. My book explains that the singularity had to be stable in order to exist, and then conditions changed, leading to its instability. And isn’t that really something we all go through in life? We all go through change! I found in writing my book that there was a deep, profound, spiritual meaning to this path to ascension. So my book is a scientific proposal with a spiritual meaning. But this doesn’t even begin to describe what it’s really about.

This one simple answer will astound you!


The Omniverse is about YOU! This is YOUR path to ascension. This is YOUR consciousness! And these aren’t just wild claims I made up to sell books. To be honest, I don’t even care about selling them – my purpose is to get this message out. And the message is backed by good science! Here’s your REAL life story.

The singularity is EVERYTHING. Our vast universe with all of its energies and matter are contained in a vessel so small that it is the smallest known measurable unit known to humankind – the Planck distance. It is the embryo of everything in the universe, and it is a living thing. Energy imparted upon this singularity from the core, or source, is what holds it stable until is ready to be born. When the Big Bang happens, the universe is created. YES – CREATED! And in doing so, a consciousness begins to form based on a series of ‘decisions’ that lay the foundation for the creation of forces and mater from a primordial soup of gluons (force particles) and quarks (matter). Physical laws become the next level of consciousness, determining how the particles attract to combine and form matter and heavenly bodies. When stars are born, they create more matter by fusing helium and some heavier elements. Stars are living organisms that consume, create byproducts, reproduce, and have a life cycle. When they die, they spread their byproducts – the heavier elements – into clouds of gases that eventually become a new generation of stars. Each generation builds upon the past, creating heavier elements, including those essential to life (e.g. carbon, iron). These are the atoms we are made of!

Your life didn’t begin at the time of birth, or even conception. You are this process. And it gets even better! Everything in this creation is connected via invisible threads in a process known as quantum entanglement. Simply, this is because everything in the universe (and all of its parallels) is one singularity – that’s why it’s called a singularity! That means that everything we perceive as separate components, including the particles that make us up, are all one with the universe. An interesting fact I found is that the universe in its entirety (the Planck distance) can actually fit inside the space in-between the quarks that make up a single proton. One subatomic particle contains more space than the universe! What this means is that we are part of a fractal repeating pattern. As above, so below. So when I say it’s about YOU, I really mean it! You ARE the universe!

But another key ingredient in the soup of life in the universe is this: You are not actually in the physical. This is maya (the illusion). Our physical nature results from a holographic projection of the singularity. We still are the singularity! And what that means is that all of its consciousness, including creation itself, the laws of physics, your subconscious and conscious mind, and everything in-between, is what you really are. You are consciousness. And you don’t have to think about everything this consciousness entails – it is automatic! Life your body’s autonomic functions, the universal consciousness functions in a way to keep you alive. And I’m not talking about just your body here. In the nonphysical, you are a soul – an energy of life itself. And being alive in this sense means that you are constantly growing. This is karma! You are always learning. You are in a constant blissful state of discovery.

This is why the Omniverse is about you. It is yours to discover. This is why my message is important. I am bringing people into this state of heightened awareness. This process is enlightenment through science. There are many paths, and they all lead back to the one. You can take the ancients’ word for it – or you can experience it yourself. Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse is a starting point. Follow me and we’ll find out just how far the rabbit hole goes! fb.com/GrandSlamTheory Thanks for reading and sharing the infinite love!


“In this bio-centric universe, we are not only ‘observers who affect the experiment’; we are participants and co-creators.”

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