What the Omniverse Means to Us

Hi there. My name is David Bertolacci, and I discovered one of the greatest, longest held secrets of the universe. I found a way to crack the code of the universe. I hacked into the matrix. In my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, I talk about an experience I had that preceded my ‘ah-ha’ moment which was actually very similar to Anita Moojani’s near death experience in Dying to Be Me. This is definitely a game-changer. Everything we know about the universe is about to change! I am the one to lift the veil, revealing the secrets of the universe and what they mean to us.


My scientific proposal of what happened before the Big Bang fills in gaps and explains discrepancies with our current knowledge of the creation of the universe. But what does that really mean to us? I’m going to let you in on a little (actually really big) secret! The reason knowledge of the universe is so important is because it is knowledge of the self. And there’s good science that I found in my background research to back this claim!

The universe is a singularity – a single point particle. The universe we know however, is a projection from an excited state of this singularity. Everything we can see, touch, hear, taste, and smell is a function of our perception. It was never meant to be a way we define our reality. Our reality is much much greater than this. Our reality is the singularity! Everything in the universe is a projection from this point. Everything in the universe and all of its parallels is in fact, entangled due to this key property. This means that information is shared between any two particles regardless of distance. This is instantaneous – much faster than the speed of light. What quantum entanglement means is that everything is one. In other words, you are one with the universe!

When you read my book, you will understand where you – the universe – came from. You will experience consciousness on a new level. All of a sudden, all of life’s problems, all of the drama you experience, even the pain you feel, becomes less significant. When you view the big picture, it’s easier to act from the position of unconditional love for all living things in this entire universe! This is your highest level of consciousness. It is universal consciousness. The process of becoming this consciousness is enlightenment. The Omniverse can be a step in this direction.

But what can I do to make this process available to even more people? I will be publishing another book about the science of enlightenment. My work will raise the vibration of those who experience the infinite knowledge the universe has in store. First, I am changing the landscape of scientific knowledge, and then I’m blowing the doors off of our limits of perception and unveiling the science behind the universal brain. The best part is that we are a microcosm of this. We are the intelligent divine! I will show you how we create our reality with the power of thought!

So if you are interested in learning about yourself, growing, and expanding your consciousness and love, this is your starting point. You can find my book featured in Hay House’s book gallery at I Can Do It Pasadena, CA Oct. 24-26, or purchase now at Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other retailers everywhere. You can also find me at the Miami Book Fair International Nov. 21-23 where I will be in the Writer’s Row and the Balboa Press booth for my first official book signing. I also am working on radio interviews, so please check back for dates to be posted on GrandSlamTheory.com and facebook.com/GrandSlamTheory. Thank you for reading and thanks for sharing!

Change your perception, change your universe!


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