What They Won’t Tell You About Evolution Changes Everything!

NASA is testing a rocket engine powerful enough to take humans to Mars. We are going to be colonizing the red planet very soon. And within the scientific community, we know that for humankind to survive, we must take to the heavens. If we are to survive the test of time, then it must be our very nature to venture outward. And yes, eventually the sun will become a red giant, engulfing our planet. 

The question is, where will humankind be when that happens?


At this moment, I invite you to consider that everything about our logic might be wrong. It isn't about surviving. That's just living. We are part of Earth. She has cycles of living and cycles of evolving. Our purpose isn't just to live—it's to evolve! So if we're so focused on getting out of here just to survive, how much are we missing right here and now on our path of evolution? It's time to wake up!

You've been programmed from day one. Ever since the discovery of biological evolution, you've been led to believe it was about surviving. You know, 'survival of the fittest' right? Nope! First of all, that was never the driver of evolution. It was the perception at the time. Survival was granted to the species that reproduced the most. And species that coexisted and cooperated thrived. It's all about love, baby! But that's not evolving (yet)...

The dinosaurs went extinct, right? Nope! They evolved. They evolved into what we know and love today as the empire of birds. Beautifully decorated, singing, and flying so gracefully, the majestic kingdom of birds presents an incredible lesson for our own path of evolution right here and now! 

To let yourself be free, you have got to die first. The dinosaurs died to become something entirely new from the same DNA. What changed the DNA to create birds? The environment. The epigenome responds to the environment around us to express our genes. This happened. The giants died and lived again as birds! 

It's the same for the stars that made the very atoms all life is made of. Stars live and die to create a cycle of ever-evolving planetary life. We are a cosmic miracle of self reflection as this process of evolution repeats itself on many levels. As above, so below. 

Human evolution has already gone through the process of dying to be free. Every single hominid predecessor to modern humans has died. We evolved. And here's where it gets really weird—because we're learning about the process and documenting it! That's right. Even though deciphering ancient texts is difficult, they explain a lot about our origins. We evolved for sure. We just don't know what from (yet). 

Today we know of other life forms. Light beings from other civilizations, other times, and other planets. Angels and Archangels existing as pure energy that can manifest in the physical. Our history was documented. And we weren't the only ones involved during our evolution. We coexisted and cooperated. And we are of alien origin. The alien origin is the energy that created the environment for our epigenome to change our DNA.

So what happens next?

We are still evolving as we respond to ever-changing environments. And we don't have to run from anything. Because our path of evolution means we must eventually die. Nobody gets out alive anyway! And our brothers and sisters of energy are still here. Still coexisting.  We're not the most advanced life in the universe. Not even on this planet! They exist beyond the physical constraints of time and space. They take form as humans to do simple things like assisting with your own personal growth and evolution. They are us and we are them. On the infinite timeline of eternal being, this is what we are becoming. That is our evolution. We have to die to come alive. And they tell us that this process needn't even be the physical death. Rather, our own energy can be put to rest in order for new life to enter, facilitating your growth and evolution in life right here and now. The next step is awakening.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.



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