What’s Your Combination? 

How could you benefit even more right now in knowing the combination that unlocks your greatest potential? Everyone has their own combo to unlock their passion and desires. Your combination is completely unique, just like you are! 

This is the key that opens doors to your soul, deep in the subtle consciousness layers. We're going to travel inside your consciousness to see how the layers make up your unique combination. Every single person has their own based on what you've gone through in your life up until now. That means every emotion, all the good times and bad times, becomes stored within layers of data. You're like a hard disk storing data in your own way. And yes, it is possible to reformat. Layer by layer. How far you go depends on how much you're willing to give yourself. 

Deep inside, at the very core, someone you'd like to meet is there--the real you. Your essence. It's your connection to the consciousness of all that is. On the outside is your path. Your journey. And knowing you're on this journey is all you need simply to acknowledge that all of this path is within your grasp. Just stepping forward on this journey illuminates the path ahead. You can navigate time in different perceptual positions to see yourself throughout many stages of your journeys. As you do so, you will see yourself clearing away the debris layer by layer. Sometimes you might think you're there at your core because you have become so identified with a specific feeling or emotion. Some are so strong that they appear this way. Do the work on yourself and you will get through these layers. Once I thought that depression was a state at my core. But I can see beyond... I see the same process through you. I see goddesses in the divine feminine. I see consciousness everywhere. I see myself growing as I realize I am becoming a conscious man.

So tell me, what is it you wish to become

To start, imagine yourself surrounded by layers of light, like orbs within orbs. Each layer represents a significant event in your life, an emotion, or a state of being. You may have many, and that's ok because here's a hack: Keep going back to your root cause. Your intuition can show you the way. You already know because it's been stored in your subconscious this whole time. You can do this again and again, going back generations through epigenetic transmutation of energy into your cells. Go back further into past lives. View your timelines together as you step into the perceptual position of parallel lives. That's past, present, and future all at once all the time. You are able to rewind, pause, and fast forward at any time. Yes, you are that powerful! Keep going to the core of the light orbs as you visualize the layers aligning to unlock yourself. 

The trick is that you are essentially cracking your own code. You're hacking the mainframe. When you allow your subconscious to bring these to you for processing, it's opening your combination. You're unlocking your psyche. And this process results in increased happiness, increased love, and increased awareness. And that's good to have, isn't it? So what can you gain right now, knowing you already have the power within you to open the doors to your wildest dreams? 

Wanna manifest love? Abundance of free flowing passive income? Learn to unlock your greatest potential. And since your subconscious already knows how to do this, all you really need to do is just believe in yourself. Be devotional in your practice of becoming. And most of all, enjoy this journey. With every generation of you, you're putting together your own reality. Make it something beautiful! 


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