What’s Your Superpower?

Ever wondered what kind of superpowers you have? What would you do with them? Who would you help? Now here's the real hard question—do you have that little voice in your head right now saying that you don't have any superpowers? Acknowledge it if present. That's there for a reason. Because you are about to transcend your limitations right here and now. Give thanks to your ego (that little voice in your head), because it actually brought up this limiting belief that was installed in your mind a long time ago. The ego brings these things up at just the right time that's perfect for you to process them. And right now is the perfect time (it always is).

So tell me, after acknowledging ego, thanking it, and noticing how effortlessly the limiting belief is already processed for the highest and best good, what are your superpowers? Think about what you want to do with the powers and let them come to you... If you are experiencing a little resistance, that's ok. Your mind is just making sense of the new empowering beliefs being installed in this brand new moment. Now, knowing that this is a brand new present moment, ask yourself this: If you did have superpowers, what would they be?


Already feeling it? Good, and it's going to get better! There's a reason you found this article right here and now. No, it wasn't random. Nothing really ever is, isn't it? It sure wasn't coincidence. You are reading this because your intuition led you here. Intuition is simply a gut feeling. It's something we all experience. Sometimes we are driving home, and we get an urge to go a different way, maybe avoiding something unknown, or even finding something new. That little voice inside us is guiding us to bigger and better things and protecting us. Trust your gut. Intuition is the core of your superpowers.

As human beings, we have many senses. Taste, smell, hearing, vision, touch (which includes sensing vibrations, textures, and heat), and motion (the ability to locate our parts, like touching your nose with your eyes closed). This is just the beginning. By thanking the little ego voice and processing limiting beliefs, we open up our senses to that other guiding voice of intuition. S/he always knows what to do. And right now, your intuition is guiding you to go further...

But before we do, there's a little more to know about yourself. We are going to uncover some secrets about you. Yes, right here and now! We lead with one or more of our primary senses. This is just as ingrained in us as being right-handed or left-handed. Most of us think and understand with a preference to visual, auditory, kinesthetic (feeling), or auditory-digital (step 1 to x, or clear directions). These are analogous to your senses. And you can have more than one. You can be guided through a series of questions to find your primary mode(s). Or just trust your intuition. S/he will guide you to the kind of thinking that's perfect for you.

And now, knowing that this is a brand new moment, with new found knowledge of your ability to sense, you are ready to take it to the next step. Yes, you have been ready for this moment. And inside, you already know what senses you are bringing forward into this moment. You've always known. And that feels good, doesn't it? Simply put, you lead your way with your primary modes of perception. And then you just trust your gut to amplify these senses. Make them louder, brighter, more vivid, more clearly outlined from beginning to awesome!

The intuition bridges your conscious mind with your superconsciousness. Yes, your superpowers! This is our higher levels of consciousness, and there are many. Here's a few examples: A psychic who is able to see spirits would be one that leads with visual. An intuitive that hears messages from angels and other sounds would be one that leads with auditory. You might be A-D, seeing clearly defined levels of superconsciousness leading all the way up to Christ consciousness. We all have all of these abilities—it's just a matter of recognizing them in ourselves. This is how we develop intuition. This is also how many teachers fail. They may think that you will develop intuition based on how they sense, but you already know that this only works when you sense the same as they do.

You may have already been going down this avenue, learning to develop your intuition. This is no coincidence that you are reading this. You are being presented with a brand new format—a better way. One that is completely based on you. How do you think? How do you feel? How do you sense? These are the keys to determining how you develop intuition in your own way. And let me tell you, this is powerful! That's why it is going to be offered in upcoming webinars, workshops, and seminars. Yep. You just found your gold mine. You will not be told how to do anything. You'll be effortlessly guided through the process with simple exercises custom tailored to you. And it feels good knowing this, doesn't it?

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There's more to our consciousness than what we've been told


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