When is a baseball more than just a baseball?

Imagine holding two nearly identical baseballs, one in each hand.  Would you be able to tell the difference?  What if each baseball could tell you its own history?  Depending on the pitch and the swing, it could have been a single, a double, or even a triple.  If it was a home run with the bases loaded, it could have been a grand slam!  It could have even been hit out of a ballpark, becoming a legend in its time.

This is exactly what happened to our Universe!  Before the Big Bang, the entire universe was just a singularity.  Imagine the singularity is a baseball.  Then, picture the Omniverse as the ball park and surrounding areas.  If the baseball is hit within the park, it stays a singularity.  But when the baseball is hit out of the park, then it becomes the Big Bang.

Our universe is the baseball that was hit out of the park. 

For more information, see the scientific proposal, Grand Slam Theory: What Happened Before the Big Bang?  Coming soon in bookstores and ebook format.  You can get updates and blogs at facebook.com/GrandSlamTheory and GrandSlamTheory.com.


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