When Parallel Universes Align

Magic is everywhere. When two people meet for the first time and look into each other’s eyes, we become creators of this magic. We feel something inside – an energy flowing. Sometimes we feel like we’ve known a person forever, even when we just met. On the surface, we fall in love with each other. But underneath, the cycle of underlying energy is the universe being created by your conscious thought and feelings. You’ve probably heard me or others say many times before that you create your reality with your thoughts and intentions. But here’s where it gets good. When you do this together with another person, you literally intertwine parallel universes in a beautiful convergence. Your universes align.

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The alignment of universes is a natural interaction between the essence of what we really are. We are living, loving energy. It is in the giving of this energy that we become active creators of our reality – not just participants. Imagine floating down a river, letting it take you downstream. Now imagine finding that perfect point right in the middle where it flows the most, and paddle forward, taking the river with you. This is what I mean! You aren’t the one floating or paddling – you are the energy that creates the motion – you are the river and the rider! Now imagine what happens when you find others in this same energy creation zone and together, you create something even more magical than ever imagined!

This is why I create the space for co-creators. There is potential to align parallel universes and create a completely new reality! And at that moment when our eyes meet and we see each others’ souls, we know it! And the best thing is that you don’t have to learn how to do anything! You unlearn what you were doing in the past to block it. The past is powerless against how great you are in this moment! And people may tell you they can help you find your soul mate, or twin flame. But of course they want to charge you a fee for it. People like this only want to prey on your fears for money by perpetuating the illusion of separation. You are not alone. We are one. We don’t need to rely on some predetermined destiny that we will meet, and you don’t need to practice anything other than love of yourself. There is nothing ‘out there’ because it is already within you!

So please remember this very important take-away: We are intertwined energies creating our reality. No amount of money or guidance of ‘how to’ do this or that is going to do anything but perpetuate the myth that we are separate. We are the universe as a whole within every subatomic particle. The Big Bang is happening inside us right now! When our parallel universes converge, we co-create a new reality. There are no blocks, no barriers, no ‘destiny.’ There is only a positively flowing energy of love! You are the creator of this love! Remember this when you look at yourself in the mirror! You are love.

Thank you for reading and sharing! If you like this, you will love when I unveil more of the secrets of the universe with the science of enlightenment. My first book explores the infinite possibilities of the Omniverse – the big picture of our universe and more. I will be releasing the next one with these secrets and many more blessings. Stay tuned in! GrandSlamTheory.com | fb/GrandSlamTheory


Peace, love, and knowledge

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    1. Thank you so much! Even through heartbreak, we have this chance to say hi to eachother. So there is always a bright side. Wishing you well and lots of virtual hugs from overseas 🙂

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