When Science and Spirituality Merge

Do you ever feel like some of us are talking a different language? When I venture out into the unknown to experience this miracle called being human, I experience all kinds of languages, so to speak. Confused, I thought there was some kind of disconnect. But there wasn’t. There’s a science to the language used to describe just about anything! And what I found was that science and spirituality go hand-in-hand (provided that one does not allow limiting beliefs and biases to color their perception).


First, it’s all in the language. Communication is the key! Too many times, people in academics isolate themselves by ‘outsciencing’ one another. Papers are written for scientists. Simple as that. But when we step out of the mold and learn to communicate like normal people, we further the collective understanding by leaps and bounds. And that’s what I’m here to do! I write for humans. No names or titles, and no need to impress or be accepted.

I write from the heart. And this is something I struggled with scientifically, thinking that emotions and love are brain-based. The brain is mostly autonomic functions and memory. The mind is where we channel thought. It is the field of energy around us. But the heart generates an even stronger field. This one is a magnetic field, like the Earth’s. The iron pumping through our veins is what makes this possible. We feel presences in our field before we interact physically most of the time. This is why the heart is linked to feelings and emotions. It is a gateway to higher senses.

And additional energy centers in the body act in similar ways. These are known as chakras. Whoa here we go with the spiritual mumbo-jumbo (just kidding). Turns out they’re real and connected to our emotions. But I admit, when people start talking chakra this and Angel that, I feel like my head is spinning. What’s with all the pseudo-religious aspects? Seems like we’re in completely different ends of the spectrum.

Well, there’s middle ground where we can explain the simple way to understand spirituality. Without all of the mumbo jumbo. This is the heart of the spirit, where understanding comes easily. As it turns out, evoking images, smells, sounds, or channeling messages all have a profound effect on your brain. Our brains become hard wired based on the neural pathways we develop while growing up. And scientists used to think we were stuck that way for life. However, new research shows that new pathways are constantly being created.

When we evoke an angel, we are creating new pathways of thought! And here’s the best part–angels are one of the many levels of our consciousness. Any direction of one’s attention to body centers, angels, spirits, crystals, God, etc. can trigger new neural pathway formation, thus allowing us to expand our minds! And we can literally heal ourselves by doing this. We can physically heal by using our senses to strengthen our immune system. And we can heal mentally by clearing ourselves of blocks in our programming.

Scientifically speaking, this needs to be studied! But it is something we can all experience. We just have to observe. That’s the basis of science. It must be based on observation. And spiritually, we step out of our first person perceptual position in order to observe ourselves doing what we do! Observation leads us into more advanced topics in both quantum physics and spirituality. Now we are starting to see now science and spirituality are one-and-the-same, yes? At the time of observation, we see a snapshot of the infinite possibilities. Our observation shapes the outcome. We create by observing!

And in this present moment, we are creating understanding that brings everything together. This is creating new neural pathways in our brains aligned with multiple levels of our higher consciousness. And this feels good, yes? And it also feels good to know that this knowledge is already built-in, and we are just remembering it. We are growing and evolving. Our understanding leads us to new frontiers of consciousness that allow even more understanding. We become aligned with our highest and best purpose, and we help others and become beneficial to the planet. How awesome does that feel?

So remember, there’s always middle ground, and it’s the best place to find ourselves. It’s just as simple as being present, rather than dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. Spirituality and science are both describing the same thing–us! Together, this knowledge lifts the veil of illusion to reveal the true beauty of the universe within every grain of our existence.

Thanks for reading and sharing!


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