Where Do Stars Go When They Die?

One of the pillars of knowledge is observing that everything has a beginning and an end. Think about our Sun. Where did it come from? What happens when it dies? You can give your worries to me--it won't die for many billions of years. Notice how viewing from the perspective of these universal celestial bodies, it tends to make all of your fears and worries less significant. That's a good thing!

We see the universe, but when the universe speaks, do we listen? When the universe vibrates, do you feel it? There's a lot going on that we're just beginning to science about. Here's what we do know: When hot gases in space coalesce, they make a gravitational well that collapses inward. This is a star being born! Ironically in life, we may feel like collapsing sometimes. Knowing this one thing creates a new perspective—it is a new beginning!




When a star dies, it sheds its skin and begins again. There are two outcomes of this process: The star explodes in a supernova, spreading it's elements back into clouds of gases that other stars are born from, or it continues its inward path to create itself anew as a black hole. The stars that are born again build upon the previous generations and create heavier elements that make planets, moons, and microbiological building blocks. The stars that become black holes are like ascended masters of the universe, regulating gravitational flow and balancing mass, allowing great structures like galaxies to form. Both are essential to life.

Some black holes formed during early generations of stars and have been around long enough to grow into supermassive sizes. These are at the very core of every single galaxy. And what we are finding now is that these even exist without known galaxies. Some are like angels that only exist in the spiritual realm, not the physical. They are pure. And unseen. Yet they help shape the universe. We are searching for these by identifying gas clouds free of heavy elements. And we've begun to find them!

Gravitational waves were first detected in 2014 and just confirmed in mid-2016. They were detected in regions of space of pure hydrogen gas, where these kinds of black holes exist. What we found was far more than just the gravitational waves (which were kind of a huge thing in itself). We discovered new ways to find this kind of black hole. You see, we find them in pairs. They attract each other and form a celestial dance as they spin faster, getting closer and closer. The two create one spectacular display together. And this creates meaning for our lives. We can come together, raising our core frequency, and send out ripples everywhere throughout the universe!

The ripple effect means that the energy we put out into the universe is reflected back upon up. Are we seeing this in nature from angels in the sky? What else can we learn from the gravitational waves rippling throughout the known universe? The universe is speaking to us! Are we listening? We are just at the forefront right now of discovering so much more about the universe, simply by observing that which we were previously unaware of. That makes right now the perfect time to be alive! The discovery of gravitational waves backs Einstein's prediction. It is also a key feature that provides evidence for the Omniverse model.

And the discovery of pure supermassive black holes may also explain the universe's mystery of missing mass. Dark matter was proposed as a way to balance the mass in galaxies. It's been observed throughout galaxies and along its outer edges, by measuring its effects. It's even been observed in fingers throughout space in between galaxies. But we've never actually seen it. The pure black hole binaries might offer an explanation. At the very least, it shows us how there's much more about our universe than what we currently know. And simply knowing this allows the collective consciousness of humanity to become open to learning of the unknown. Then we start knowing. And eventually this becomes built-in knowledge. We are evolving as we learn.

So here's the real meaning for you and me: Be passionately curious. Observe, not only by seeing, but by listening and feeling. These energies are everywhere. Ask questions. Become open to infinite possibilities. Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.



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