Where Do We Come From?

This is the question of the ages. Within the question there are hidden secrets long sought throughout many generations. Even though we don’t have all of the answers, we have left a trail of bread crumbs with which to follow. So shall we see how deep this rabbit hole goes? There will be no turning back from knowledge…


Modern science has evolution to explain our roots. And this ain’t your grandma’s evolution either. Today’s science us backed by mitochondrial DNA sequencing. It’s solid. The days of Darwinian evolution mapped by morphology are numbered. While this presented useful tools at the time, newer techniques that read the DNA provide further detail. Yet there are still many persistent questions.

Through mitochondrial DNA, we know that modern humans have existed nearly 400,000 years, coexisting with other hominid species until about 35,000 years. We even interbred some, retaining some of their code in our genome. And with further studies, we have been able to trace other hominid species back along the evolutionary tree. There have been many species in this tree.

However, modern humans stand alone. We didn’t come from these hominids. We may have an evolutionary link through very early hominids, but without hard evidence, it remains unknown. What is known is that our closest living relative gave rise to us and other hominids. But we are very different. We stand alone, and we have existed in our current form as modern humans, not knowing what or roots are.

Unless we have known. Humans in the recent past (since the last ice age) began documenting our experience. While each iteration in documentation is subject to much scrutiny over translation and interpretation, we can see how really the the pieces can stay to be put together. Some had speculated the the carvings of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey about 13,000 years ago contained drawings representing the galaxy. Pretty good from a civilization we know nothing about except only a few things. They left no tools behind. They left no weapons behind and may not have even used any. They intentionally buried their city. They also formed their society around their religious practices, opposite of what was thought to be true. But little clues explaining our origins were found.

Ancient Sumerian tablets also holds clues, becoming more specific of our origins. This may have been thought to be mythology, but what if we can explore their teachings with even more openness? In Sumerian translations, humankind was created by another race that came from outer space. We may have been genetically engineered! Humans were used to mine gold. Seems pretty crazy to me, but that’s based on my perception and education of evolution.

Then there’s Enoch. Known as the scribe of the righteous, Enoch’s texts were used effectively as the bible before the bible. His accounts were summarized very briefly in the book of Genesis. Referred to as the land of giants in the bible, but in much more detail in his own writings, Enoch described how 200 our of 365 angels took physical form to mate with native Earth women. Ever seen the movie Earth Girls Are Easy? This union created a cross-breed species that dominated humanity until the cries of humanity were felt by God. The biblical flood was described by Enoch as an act of purifying the Earth of this species. And modern humans were then left alone to make sure we return to or natural place in the evolution of our species.

Interestingly, modern accounts of Egyptian pharaohs that I have heard described the pharaohs as having come from this process that Enoch described. It’s it possible that they were part of the cross-breed that dominated us?

Much of the Egyptian culture, still shrouded in mystery, still has many ties to the stars. The pyramids were aligned with stars in Orion’s belt. Isis and Osiris were said to have come from Sirius and Orion. According to the hieroglyphics, Egyptian civilization and all of humanity sprang from Isis and Osiris after they travels from the stars. Now it’s starting to sound a little to familiar!

Another thing I found interesting in Enoch’s books is that when modern humans first arrived, they were a completely enlightened species. So much so that they didn’t really need to exist. So the next generation (that’s us) was born not knowing, giving us the gift of experiencing life lessons. This description of accounts sounds like starting over. We learn everything ourselves, experiencing perception through or own senses and putting the pieces together in terms of our knowledge of ourselves and the universe. Interestingly, this account could be a description of an advanced race with technology. That could be considered enlightened or even all-knowing to a more primitive species. And maybe they left, leaving the rest of humanity behind to learn to survive and develop our own technology. Hmmmm…


If all of these ancient teachings are describing the same thing, how can we explore these possibilities scientifically? Without jumping to conclusions, it’s important to look into the information gaps to study in more detail. But the trail of bread crumbs we left with our documentation may need to be taken more seriously at some point. After all, writing was a practice of the elite for the purposes of preserving history and education their people. They may not have written fiction at all. But they did use analogies in terms that people of the time would understand. We do this today!

Our universe creation story, now known as the Big Bang, can be broken down into several steps of development. What if that’s exactly what they were doing when the bible was being written?  Seven days could have been the steps detailed in terms that society understands. Because we all know there’s seven days in a week, it’s easy to relate to. And these scholars were doing the best they could with the resources they had at the time.

This is why in science, it is important to ask questions. We are being gifted with an open invitation to explore infinite possibilities! Life is ours to live and learn, and we will always do the absolute best with the tools we have at the time, evolving our ways of thinking. Someday it will be common knowledge that the universe itself is an integral part of the Omniverse, and there was essentially time before time. When we open ourselves, the universe brings the answers, as with me and my book proposing a scientific framework for the  Omniverse.

The answers are out there. They could be right in front of our faces. This is why the power of questioning is our greatest ally. And as communication continues to evolve, we can effortlessly see how our words can shape our perception of ourselves and our surroundings. And with this new knowledge instantly integrating on every level of our subconscious, I ask simply this: Where do we come from?



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