Where is the “Theory of Everything?”

Science has taken a front seat in primetime media this present moment. I love watching shows like Through the Wormhole and Cosmos, and there’s even a movie coming out about Steven Hawking. At the same time, ALS bucket challenges are sweeping the internet, raising awareness of the disease his body was afflicted with. There are synchronicities everywhere! The present trend of talking about knowledge of the universe is my synchronicity. This is because I am promoting my book, which I believe will lead us to an actual theory of everything. All of the top minds in science today are talking about a theory of everything as if it were a holy grail – and it could be!

What is a theory of everything? Is it a theory about God? I think it’s simply a theory of you! My thoughts came full circle when the outward exploration became the inward journey. I realized that by studying the universe, I was only looking at a small part of the big picture! We know the universe is basically a singularity that expands exponentially.This is the Big Bang Theory. But where did the singularity come from? How did conditions allow it first to exist, and then how did conditions change to make the Big Bang occur? My “theory of everything” became the Omniverse: a white hole that spits out singularities and when they reach its event horizon they go critical – A virtual “Big Bang engine!” Our universe is connected to the source in the same way that everything in the universe is connected. This is quantum entanglement. When I realized that the universe is a holographic projection from a singularity at the event horizon, I felt the connection. You will too! The way a hologram works is that every bit of information is encoded within every pixel. You may think you are “just” a pixel but you are in fact, encoded with every bit of information. You are the universe in a drop! This brings me to the next question.

Is a theory of everything a theory of love? There is an underlying energy discussed in science today. Electromagnetism, gravity, and the strong and weak nuclear forces are all thought to be different flavors of a single underlying mechanism. What is it? All we know now is that the answer is somewhere in higher dimensions we cannot perceive (yet). A theory of gravity leads us into the higher dimensions. All we need to do is follow the trail to see how deep the rabbit hole goes! But while we don’t know what the underlying energy is yet, we do know how to feel it. We think it’s an emotion, but what if it is a higher dimensional link to the universe? It is! This is how powerful love is – the “law of attraction” in the universe is nothing but love. Love holds everything together. It is the connections between force and matter particles, the attraction between positive and negative atoms in our bodies! Love is our very existence. Still think it’s just an emotion?

I will be exploring these concepts further in my next book project, but first I must get the model of the Omniverse out into this world. I will be proposing this model in my book entitled Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse (soon to be released). For more information go to GrandSlamTheory.com and follow facebook.com/GrandSlamTheory. Thanks and blessings for reading and sharing! Please help spread the knowledge! Where is the “Theory of Everything?” I want you to look within yourself and tell me. You are the divine intelligence!

John Poppleton Under Black Light_you are the universe

Image by John Poppleton

Love is knowledge. 


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