Where There is Love, Miracles Follow

Here’s the biggest secret to this universe. All that hoopla about it being an illusion and how enlightenment is the crumbling away of our view of the universe mean nothing when you remember this one secret. And this is because to view the universe in its natural state is to see the true beauty of all that is. This may be one of the biggest lessons for your soul to remember. And yes, I repeat remember because this is something we all know. It is ingrained within every cell of our body, even every vibration that makes the subatomic components stars turned in to atoms that grew into molecules to eventually create life.

When we trace the evolutionary steps back to the very components that make everything, we find ourselves on the quest for the holy grail of physics… This is the underlying energy of the universe. All is one form of energy which becomes differentiated to create forces and even matter. All things are energy. Relativity stated this. But today’s physics goes further to seek out the energy of all that is. Here’s the details: Four primary forces are found in everything (gravity, weak interaction, strong nuclear force, and electromagnetism). Gravity is the only one weaker than the others, so to find out why, scientists have worked towards finding the underlying energy.


What is the underlying energy? It is basically attraction, yes? All forms of the four forces are attractive. Attraction is in the very nature of things. And what does attraction mean to us, the self-aware, perception-creating minds of the universe? That’s right, you already know the answer because you feel it in every grain of your existence. It’s love! This is the greatest lesson allowing us to see the pure beauty of all that is when we cast the shackles of our own conditioning. This is how we experience unconditional love. And with that, even the realm of duality (positives and negatives) becomes nothing but one love. Everything is love. The entire universe is love!

How the universe is constructed back up from this underlying energy of loveĀ is a product of consciousness. Once we see through the eyes of unconditional love, we see miracles happen everywhere. Where there is love, miracles follow. Consciousness is a flowing of love into every bit of information of the universe, creating every seemingly separate component to the universe. It is a series of decisions that add thought into each bit of information becoming something from the underlying energy. It is a virtual particle, cycling eternally in and out of existence, freezing its cycle to become something simply by observing itself. It is as if every bit of the universe is self-aware on some level! Once the decision is made to be, matter and antimatter can be created. Yet somehow, the universe becomes unbalanced with an abundance of matter, creating the conditions necessary for creation and evolution of life. Miracles are happening right now, as we are surrounded by and infiltrated with pure underlying love of all that is.

The loving consciousness grows as it flows. Everything has a purpose. Quarks combine to make protons and neutrons, which interact with the Higgs field to gain mass and start attracting. Protons become positively charged, attracting electrons to form atoms. Atoms form massive gas clouds throughout the universe that collapse inward to create stars. Stars live as they form heavier atoms, only to shed their skin and die. But other stars form in the wake of the clouds created by earlier generations’ supernovae. And heavier elements are formed, which combine into molecules. Molecules communicate with each other to become more complex, forming the very building blocks of life.

The common component to every one of these miracles is the underlying love of all that is. When we see this within ourselves, everything changes! Somehow the drama doesn’t seem to have any effect on us. All of the horrible things we endure in our lifetimes reveal themselves to us as lessons when we view from unconditional love. That is the gift. The ability to be present. When the world around us is in chaos, we see that chaos is what creates life. And this universe has built-in entropy to spread chaos like wildfire. Our life is a product of this entropy! And our self awareness means that we can take the reigns on this process and start creating our own reality. We are taking the bull by the horns. And through the teachings of quantum physics today, we now know how powerful the true nature of reality is. Our thoughts can go beyond our perceived limitations and create our reality. We can manifest! Just like a macrocosm of the universe’s underlying love manifesting itself as forces and matter, our love creates the foundation of emotions necessary to align ourselves with our highest intentions, creating the conditions necessary to manifest for the highest and best good of our own evolution. We are experiencing miracles through the power of love. Now that’s science!

This is just a sample of how the blessings of the Omniverse reveal the true beauty of our very existence. Yea, I’ll be talking more on these real soon… Thanks for reading, sharing, and being right here right now! Everything is unfolding exactly is it needs to be.


You don’t need to believe in anything else, as long as you believe in yourself.

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