Why Being Empty Is A Good Thing

Have you ever felt empty? I've heard it described as a symptom of depression before. But what if we've been going about it all wrong? What if being empty is the way to heal and move beyond being depressed? As you will see, most negative emotions are rooted to something being held onto. Ever feel like you're being held down? Feel like you are carrying the weight of the world? You are gonna love this!


Imagine a glass of water that's full. Even though we're conditioned to believe that a full glass is better, let's imagine what it would be like to really have a full glass all the time. What would it feel like if you had to hold the glass and carry it for 30 minutes? How about all day? Or even a lifetime? Some people do that! If the conditioning leads one to believe that full is better, they may take on the weight. And how might that manifest in life? Extra weight on the body? More and more debt? Hitting close to home?

It's ok, because you had to experience exactly what you've experienced in the past up until now in order to be ready for this.

Now imagine an empty container that you can carry with you. It's lighter so it doesn't weigh you down. And if you ever need anything, you have room to fill it. And here's the best part—by honoring the natural flow, you get exactly what you need, resulting in an empty container again. This is the key to manifesting. Always have room for what you intend to get.

So now you see the benefit of being empty. In essence, it means you are creating space for life. Yea, it's way more powerful than just manifesting. You can create space for transformation! And you will see and feel yourself transforming in this process. Because you're about to let go of everything you've held onto.

First, let go of the idea of being a container! Yea, that comes from fear and lack mentality, thinking you'd have to hold onto something or lose it. The universe is the container. And it's unlimited! There are no walls, to top or bottom, only space with which energy can flow. That's you—you're the energy flowing into a living, breathing being! Like a little Higgs boson coming into existence only for a fraction of a split second to interact with a particle before going away, nothing is forever. And everything happens on purpose. This is flow. The Higgs boson is really a representation of energy transmuted from the fabric of space into physical reality. It is only possible when the boson lets go of the very notion of itself.

Now you're ready. With your understanding of yourself in the form of energy, you are already seeing how letting go lightens the load energetically. Even though every single grain of your existence—every subatomic particle—is made of energy, your body has a network of channels that allow this energy to flow. They look like a torus shape, kinda donut-like. Envision a current within a river. Where there is interaction with the river's surroundings, eddies form in the current like little whirlpools. These are your energy centers. They facilitate a natural current of energy transmitted through the very fabric of space. And yes, they're real. Look at how emotions are felt in the body to illuminate where the primary energy centers are and see how they're stimulated.

So you want to flow now? You've already let go. That's the hardest part, and you did it! From this point moving forward, it's all in the flow. And you already know that being empty is allowing your life to become even more fulfilled as you honor your flow! This emptiness leads you to a state of happiness. Not like the happiness that comes with the novelty of stuff. This is unshakeable. You are unstoppable! All because you're not holding onto things. Grudges of the past are gone. So are judgments and even the need for justification. You're just living in the flow! Being empty is light. Your body changes. Your bank account changes.

So let's practice a little bit of mindfulness (or mindlessness). All you have to do to empty each energy center is to think of the location of your body as you breathe. Focus on the breath, bringing in divine love with the inhale, and exhale through each energy center. You can even envision a waterfall washing over your energy centers. The work is purely subconscious. No scrubbing or elbow grease is required. Your soul already knows what to do. You get to enjoy the benefits of being empty. And it feels good knowing this, yea?


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