Why Science NEEDS ‘Psuedoscience’

Let's be straight with each other. Science ain't an exact science. Fact is, science needs cutting edge, thought-provoking people to shake things up, rather than procedure-following drones. Everyone wants to shape scientists into the mold. Conform. Do as we say. And when you don't fit in, you get blasphemized and blacklisted. That's why the term 'pseudoscience' is used to label people who don't conform to the masses. And even if there's something absolutely essential in the message from those willing to stick their neck out, it's met in the scientific community with extreme bias. Science is basically the new religion. Convert or go to hell!


Because of the difficulty science is confronted with in effectively  communicating topics to everyone, the gap is widened as people find other avenues to find information they can actually relate to. I mean seriously, have you ever read scientific journals? Even worse, have you ever tried getting in? It's for the select few. It's elitist. There are better ways, my friends.

You Already Know the Answers

When you become open to learning from the built-in knowledgebase within your own cells, you make an entire universe of knowledge available to you. Really! Science will always (yes, always) be catching up. Look at it this way—if people believe there's no God, no spirit, or no soul because there's no proof, what are they missing? A lot! Because that would mean that before the invention of the microscope, there would have been no disease. Bacteria was discovered and found to be the cause of many diseases. It also would mean we had no cells. Now, do you believe that to be true? I hope not. We are complex beings composed of many cells of our own and other organisms. Science is still catching up! And to view your spirit in this way is to see it as a cell within the universe. It's energy that has yet to be discovered.

So now many people are turning to spiritual resources to become better informed, knowing that science doesn't have all of the answers (yet). Much of spirituality is observation and experience based also. But try to publish papers. Better yet, share your findings with a global community. See how beneficial that is? The problem is that there's not the standardized system for fact-checking. There's a lot of belief that goes into the information (as with anything and everything). Spirituality is the new religion. We apply ancient concepts and philosophies. But there's still lots of bias present. And straight-up misinformation.

Ask yourself when researching, is there an agenda? What's the source? Many people counter scientific data simply because they have bias against certain businesses and industries. And the conspiracies begin. "Big Pharma doesn't want to cure cancer." "Monsanto is evil." I'm not arguing for or against any conspiracy, but I will say this: That type of thinking is detrimental to your mental health and out of alignment with who you really are as a being of pure love (it's ok—I got science to back that claim). And so the back-and-forth begins. The scientists that work for "Big Pharma" and Monsanto really do want to improve the world. They have passion and desires just like you. And they have felings that get hurt when they're accused of doing harm by purveyors of misinformation that purposely mislead people based on their agenda. And so they label them "pseudoscientists."

The thing is, everyone has bias. Everyone has beliefs. Everyone has feelings and desires to do the best they can. The real conspiracy is that we're all in this together! To be informed, you gotta break the mold, whether from a scientific or psuedoscientific approach. The truth is, they can compliment each other. Here's why:

It took a huge amount of attention from people to get through to the scientific community about things as simple as health. Yes, we all want to be healthy. So people started improving health by avoiding wheat. The industry fought back with data that not that many people could be gluten-intolerant, and wheat was perfectly ok. Fast forward through the back-and-forth, and science catches up! It turns out that the way wheat is mass produced causes yeasts to evolve in ways that are less healthy to our gut's micrbiota. So the scientists suscede by telling the rest of people they're still wrong about gluten, but wheat basically does the same thing they've been experiencing. Way to go, science! Love that bias!

Here's another good one. Vaccines. Yea, I'm going there! People were pointing the finger at mercury used in vaccine preservatives in the past. Some might still be used, and I'm not discussing who does what with mercury. The point is, it's toxic when levels build up in the body, and every scientist knows that. Even though there's other sources from food and the environment, it's simply irresponsible to add mercury to the human body. So people tried to get manufacturers to stop using mercury. And then the misinformation started. Based on associations in statistics, people mistakenly accused use of mercury as the cause for autism. However in a new study, autism is being linked to the gut biota and its link to developing nervous systems in babies. So all those people going organic to treat autism were doing... the right thing!!! Thank you, science!

So in a way, the pseudoscience brought enough attention to some matters that resulted in better studies that advanced the fields and resulted in a better understanding of our health. That's pretty damn cool! 

Where else can pseudoscience drive the industry towards discovery? Anywhere! It happens within academia all the time. People develop ideas that are just plain crazy. They are chastised and laughed at for decades. Until their research is proven. Hell, we're still proving Einstein's relativity. We're still proving evolution, but it ain't Darwinian evolution no more. Now it's backed by DNA research that challenges long-held scientific theory. We barely know things about the universe and all of the little things in the quantum realm. That's why we strive to keep learning. And there will always be 'pseudoscience' that's out there driving us toward new directions of thought and research. That's exactly why we're right here, right now!

My work will surely be considered 'pseudoscience' by people that aren't willing to grasp the ideas of what is beyond the universe and even before the beginning of time. It's backed with real scientific knowledge and evidence, but there still needs to be more. That's what drives me. I found the answers and I found how it all came full circle in our lives in the present. The universe is part of you, not the other way around! Everything is consciousness. Everything is love. It sounds crazy but I actually found this through my research. Yet, as described in my Kirkus Indie book review, just because I wrote about the topic of meditation and its health benefits, the reviewer assumed that scientists would not accept it. The bias was strong in this one. But  that's ok, because this work will drive discoveries for hundreds of years to come.

And that's just a drop in the bucket when you look at the evolution of our species. We aren't here to play small. We're here on purpose. To grow and evolve. And we sure as shit ain't gonna do that by sitting still and accepting the status quo. We are here to shake things up. We are here to discover and rediscover everything about what makes us tick and what our role is for the universe. Science needs us. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.



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