Why You Shouldn’t Seek Your Twin Flame

As we sat on the edges of our seats listening to the guidance of an angel, she divulged the truth of the twin flame relationship to our group of beautiful souls. As Gerry Gavin channeled his angel Margaret, she directly answered the question asked about finding your twin flame.The answer is not what you'd think an angel would say. But she was right. She spoke of our perception of time in eternal time and how the dance of souls takes place over many timelines. So what you're looking for is already happening in another timeline. That's it! 

So what is it then, that makes us think this relationship is even something we must seek? Is it a longing or a yearning for the purest of pure divine love? Because the difference between seeking and longing is oceans across. And here's the thing--people seem so intent on seeking their twin flame. Blunt Force Truth: It's already there! You are the divine love, and longing is the nature of a love this powerful. Seeking takes you away from this because now you're focused on not having it. Bam!

You cannot seek that which is already found. But you can discover it! And so I invite you to turn within, coming into a state of knowingness that everything you need is completely within you. 

You are your own twin flame first.

You may be the same souls, but you must first embody yourself as a whole. I'm not just saying this because I heard it somewhere. I lived it. I loved it too, but I wasn't ready. I thought she completed me. I put her on a pedestal and loved her unconditionally. I did everything I could to try to empower her and push her towards her own self development and evolution. I was wrong! Because I did not come into the relationship with a full understanding of loving myself. And that was a huge disservice to her because I wasn't fully engaged. 

So we mirrored each other. But we mirrored our blocks. We projected our subconscious onto each other completely unaware. We unknowingly disempowered each other. And then we woke up. Why I'm telling you this now is so you'll see that the power is within you, and you don't have to seek anyone. And it gets even better because this power allows you to align yourself with the infinite possibilities of the twin flame connection throughout eternal time! I'll show you how to bring it into the now. 

Love yourself first. 

Love your life as love and do everything you're going to do for your lover, but do not ever put yourself second! I don't give a fuck if you come off like a selfish asshole, but your self care is imperative to how you treat your lover! You cannot fully love another when you're not fully loving yourself. And so when you love yourself fully, this allows you to glow even brighter, sharing that light with your lover. You're not giving anything. You're sharing each other.

That is how the souls merge.

The twin flame is simply an alignment occurring that is best when two realize that each is whole and complete. Wait that sounds to easy, right? But then again, why would anyone want to make love difficult? Just be you. The world will align herself with your frequency. And that's when the magic happens...

You create your twin flame. And you do it by embodying within. So here's the thing--you're this all-powerful consciousness prevalent in all the universe so powerful you can create time, space, and life, and that gives you the power in human incarnation to create the relationship you long for. Boom! You build it, people will come. And what you attract is what you embody.

Buts that's just the beginning. And I know that you know that you can meet someone, look into their eyes, and just know that you wholeheartedly love this person. So tell me, do you do this and question if s/he could be your twin flame? That's pushing and pulling at the same time, and that door ain't budging! Allow yourself to be pulled in the direction of your passion, desires, and purpose.

Feel yourself being drawn to this person as s/he is drawn to you. Now you are co-creators. Your power together multiplies itself exponentially. The universe literally has to expand to fit all the love that is within you. In doing so, the universe opens up, channelling pure divine love from infinite possibilities. It allows you two to create a template for your souls to dance together across time and space. So you get to design and create the entire universe that you two will be together in. Oh, and get this--you didn't do this by finding your twin flame. You did it by creating your twin flame!

So really, anybody is your twin flame. You just create it and bring it into the now. We are all one, all connected, so this power is within us all. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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