Words Create Worlds 

You get to see the world around you like nobody else can. Your creative prowess is so powerful that you can literally shape  your reality with the words you choose to describe it. You get to be in it. To live it. To go full out and make this the best fucking universe possible! It's all in you! 

Your world is completely as unique as you are. And there are some hidden hacks that can allow you to go further into your creation...

Your subconscious holds the key to your self talk. 

The way you talk to yourself reflects beliefs that are part of your subconscious. And at the same time, you command the subconscious what to do. If you complain, it will find more of what you're complaining about. There's no positives and negatives, just raw code. The subconscious does what you say and finds what you lose. Focus on gaining what you desire and speak well of yourself, because the universe loves you too. 

As you feed more love into the reality around you, you'll open up to even more universal love flowing in, around, and through you. It's quite literally a feedback loop of love. You see, nobody is completely open to receive all of it at once. We're human and we take in what we can. In the process, you take in what you don't delete, you understand what you can by generalizing, and some even gets distorted by your perception. But what you do with the amount of universal love that you can take is pure magic. 

You take this through your filters of reality, and you put it in your own words. Everything is as you describe it to be. Your words create your world. 

Your perception is where it all begins. 

How do you choose to see the world around you? Do you see good or bad, or have to take one with the other? These are metaprograms running your subconscious, and they can be tweaked. 

And perception is the window to your soul. It shows you the universes you customize. Through this window, the observation is happening. On this level of awareness, subatomic particles are literally pixels that can be turned on and off, reflecting different types of particles. They're like mini black holes--little vortices of universal love. 

You build your perception up from this level. Each particle sees just what it needs to attract others to build matter and make you exactly who you are right now. You see exactly what lessons you need in life to attract what's right for you to build your life by design! And that pours a whole new perspective on things. 

Here's another tweak. 

You know how observation turns each pixel on? Well, observation is like a chain reaction, because the entangled nature of everything connecting all that is makes the observation infinite. Yes, you have infinite power! This is the Big Bang of consciousness! You don't have to be fully present to every level of awareness in order for you to create it with your observation--it's completely automatic. Just like the force of life beating in your heart right now. 

And as the heart flows life force through you, you flow with life force into the universe, pouring forth your love into the reality you create. Find challenges? People's universes colliding with yours, seeming out of whack with all kinds of craziness? 

Give it more love. 

When you fill this world with love and light, even in the face of what appears to be darkness, you make a difference. It's a combined effort for everyone to share this reality we co-create, and your presence is required to make this a better place, my dear. Because now you know the secret to brightening this universe with your love and light. You've always known.


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