What would you do if you were the universe, and all of a sudden you just decided that it's time to change? To transform. To metamorphose into a new kind of life. Knowing that this ability is completely ingrained in every single bit of your consciousness on all levels, would you fully embrace the nature of change to align your very essence with your own unique divine path for the highest and best good? Then you are already taking the first step towards bringing this reality into the now, just by coming here!

You are exactly where you need to be...

Omniverse workshops are designed to simplify universal knowledge and apply to your life right here and now. Each is custom crafted for specific challenges you might have encountered. You can participate in some fun exercises and get real transformation to achaive your goals and life purpose. 

Using cutting edge science like neuronlinguistic programming and accessing your brain's theta wave state are all it takes for you to move mountains. You'll come away from just one workshop with a renewed sense of self that can be applied for even more success in business, career, and relationships.

I've done all the hard work for you by creating the exercises geared to get you results. My certifications come from top training institutes where we have had 100% success with every single student.

I AM a NLP practitioner and Theta healer, and I combine this with knowledge gained from the Omniverse to apply it to professionals and entrepreneurs in every single walk of life in ways that get real results fast. No counseling or coaching required. You'll experience transformation right away. That is the power of the work I do.


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Take the journey within through different levels of consciousness.

from crystal consciousness to your higher consciousness the superconsciousness, and the beauty of enlightenment


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