You Are a Star

As stars live and die, the very building blocks of life are created. But you are more than the cosmic stardust in this process. So much more! You see, everything you've ever been told about the afterlife is true. Heaven is real. This is it! This is Heaven on Earth, and you are the afterlife of stars.

And it gets even better. We can learn a lot from the lives of our cosmic brethren.


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We are energy beings.

Like the stars, we exist energetically. We are energy first, physical second. Every atom starts with the coming together of a proton, neutron, and electron. Each of these is made of building blocks. The building blocks are vibrating energy that attract different flavors of energy, resulting in the subatomic particles. Everything is energy. This is your core-your very essence.

You are the Big Bang itself.

Within every grain of your existence at this energy core of your essence is a miracle happening right now. This core is the Big Bang with its energy being exposed throughout each component as a projection of the Big Bang itself. Every piece of you is an expression of the Big Bang. And when you see the quantum realm of infinite possibilities expressed as time, looking beyond a linear timeline, you realize that this is all happening in the present moment. Our perception is creating our reality. And the more we come together add like minded people to further our own understanding, the more lessons from the stars we see in and around us.

Everything attracts.

Particles attract to form atoms. Atoms attract to form clouds of gases everywhere throughout the universe. Attraction is the law. When particles come together, the attraction pulls everything toward a common center via gravity. And when the cloud sees itself falling inward, collapsing upon itself, it becomes the birth of a star.

The star lives a long life building even more complex atoms from that with which it was born. You do the same with your karma. Slowly, through many lives, the building blocks form the complex biomolecules you are made of. This takes many generations. And this process reveals some of the greatest lessons that can be applied in your life right here and right now.


Shed your skin. Begin again.

As a star ages toward the end of its lifespan, it grows. It starts striping off its outer layers. It slowly friends into a red giant, taking with it the planets circulating nearby. For Earth, it looks like a fiery hellstorm consuming all the life on the planet as everything burns. But like on Earth, nutrients are spread in the aftermath of disastrous fires. Life lives on and comes back to places once barren wastelands. The same happens to the solar system. The star explodes, spreading all of the atoms back into clouds of gases. Fertile breeding ground for the next generation.

And this process is natural to us as well. No, we don't explode, but remember how we're energy beings? This happens to us on an emotional and spiritual level. We can shed our skin and begin again by letting go of the physical, surrendering, and trusting that the process will continue. It always does.

You energy goes where your attention goes.

Our life is focused on evolving add we feed off of the energy from our host star. You know why it feels so good to soak up sunlight? Because we ate one with our star. It's light nourishes us. It gives us energy. In life, this is the same with our thoughts. We feed our thoughts and give them energy. So wouldn't you be more selective of whether you're feeding good or bad thoughts knowing that they are growing and evolving in your own energetic solar system? Even if your thoughts are against something, that is still where your energy goes. A simple flip to moving towards something good is all it takes. Change your perspective, change your universe.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

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