You Are the Greatest Gift

You are completely unique. People seek you out for something you can do that nobody else can match. This is true for each and every one of us. Our uniqueness drives us. It gives us our identity. It becomes our journey as we strive to define who we really are. On this personal journey, we can redefine the self when we identify with pure unconditional love. It is our essence. It is the essence of the universe. And here’s where it gets good. You ARE the universe experiencing yourself as a focal point of consciousness within a holographic projection!

Simply speaking, the universe is designed for our journey. Contrary to popular belief systems, we are neither created nor designed. Until you understand that the universe is YOUR consciousness. Your body has perceptions that are able tune into a narrow bandwidth of the broad spectrum of this consciousness – this pure love that permeates the entire universe we perceive. The same is true of all of us. Our identities and our unique abilities stem from the frequencies we tune into. We’re all in this together because our unique abilities complement the others. Together, our bandwidth grows larger. This is why more and more people are waking up to our true reality as one multitasking consciousness.


What is the purpose of our waking? It is simply to serve. To love. To be in a state of gratitude. Because when we do this, we feel great. And our positive intentions combined with gratitude and this feeling is how we manifest. We mike life better! We stop complaining about our problems and find ways to excel beyond that within ourselves that caused them.  We transcend the old identity of the self. We dissolve into the pure frequency of love. We make our personal journey into our divine path with constant support from the forces of the universe.

Sounds crazy right? Just wishful thinking? Hippie mumbo-jumbo? Well guess what. THIS IS SCIENCE!!!

There are ways the universe works: the laws of physics and the quantum reality within. First, every component of every subatomic particle starts with a decision. To quote Shakespeare, “to be or not to be.” Virtual particles cycle them selves constantly between matter and antimatter states. Second, observation affects the outcome. By observing a virtual particle, we initiate the decision making process. This is the essence of intelligence. Consciousness. It is built into every component everywhere in the universe. Third, all particles are entangled. The state of one can change with another instantaneously, regardless of distance that appears to separate them. It gets even better now! Because fourth, ALL POSSIBILITIES EXIST. This means that objects traveling from point A to point B (like you walking to the fridge) take all possible paths throughout the universe. You simply observe the combination of all possibilities representing the most probable outcome. This is also applied to time, distance, dimensions, and even parallel universes.

Yes! Parallel universes are real. Parallel. Universes. Are. REAL! They are a natural consequence of quantum physics. They are NOT separate from what we observe as our universe. Rather, parallel universes are integrated as one. Do you see where this is going? Everything always comes back to one! One singularity. One Big Bang. One consciousness. Infinite possibilities!!!

Your journey will take you through these infinite possibilities of parallel universes. You have one choice to either choose where your journey takes you or let the journey pull you along. In other words, you can be a victim of circumstances, or you can take the helm! When you work for the highest and best good, you are in control. You are manifesting. You are changing the probabilities to make your best outcome the most probable outcome. You literally surf through the parallel universes as you align your probabilities to your journey to the self – the journey to the being of one. THIS is manifesting. And this is pure science, baby!!!

To sum up, all things lead to one. One love. One consciousness. One YOU! This is why you are unique, and why you are the greatest gift to the universe. This is how you create your REALITY!!!!

If you’re curious, it all starts here: Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse: What Happened before the Big Bang (available at at  Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes&Noble and other retailers – go to and follow for more). This is the science of oneness. This explains how we are a holographic universe – the projection that we experience as reality. And it brings to light everything we’ve ever wanted to know about the universe but were afraid to ask. So if you do anything, READ THIS BOOK. It will change your perception. It will change your universe! Thank YOU for reading and sharing the infinite wisdom! And thank you for being YOU! I appreciate you, love you, and feel oneness with you!


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