You Are the Universe’s Best Kept Secret

By now, you already know that we’re living in a matrix. Maybe once upon a time you didn’t. But you woke up. And now you know. And it goes far beyond what you’ve been told. You are going to wake up again and again. Because you have been programmed, yes, but from another level of awareness you are the one doing the programming, and yet another you are the one executing the code. And right here, right now, all you have to do is observe it in action. 

You get to put your life up on a screen and watch it while simultaneously creating the script. You’re more than the programming. You’re the projection. You’re the story line. You’re the experience of the living as this holographic projection comes from the universe’s singularity through every grain of existence. Every dimension of space-time, expansion, and karma. Every past, present, and future self. Every parallel universe. All from one point. That point is the center of your consciousness. It’s who you are. And none of it is outside of you! 
So grab some popcorn, because this knowledge is like butter! Every bit of knowledge you gain here and now makes the whole experience better. Because you feed it back into the matrix of universal programming. You watch it up on the screen, now even more colorful, brighter, and more vivid. You watch your story playing out the way you write the script. Because you can. 

You’re a multidimensional being. 

There’s dimensions of space, time, expansion, karma, and even consciousness. Just like how a movie projector can project colors, you do so with dimensions. Instead of pixels, you use virtual particles, which are bits of information that become subatomic particles and light. Be light–light be. Speak it into existence. Then sit back and watch the space unfold for life to happen. 

You are a being of love. 

As the projection evolves creating a timeline, the particles all come together. You attract everything you need. Atoms bond to create molecules and the building blocks of life. Cells are born and form communities, which become organisms. 

And with time, you evolved to become consciously aware. Not just self aware from the brain. Consciously aware from every cell of your being. You recognize that the attraction of all things in this universe has made this possible. You feel attraction, just like when two beatiful souls meet. That’s love. Unconditional love. 

You are a being of light. 

Plants grow toward the light just as you grow toward the everlasting flow of life within you. And like plants giving back the breath of life into their environment, you give back light. You are in constant interaction with your environment on a subatomic level. You see, as your genes copy themselves to keep you alive, thriving, and evolving, they release a photon with each molecular interaction. You give off light. 

On this level, you’re communicating back to the universe. Just like in the beginning, when clouds of primordial soup began attracting, light was able to move through the spaces in between. The universe lit up. And your evolution is one and the same. You light up your environment. You brighten your own skies. And you certainly brighten my day! 

You are the universe. 

Everything in this grand design is inside of you. The universe fits many times over into each and every particle. It’s how and why everything’s connected. Every particle is a pixel of the holographic projection. And like a hologram, information of the entire image is stored in every pixel. 

The more pixels you have, the clearer the image gets. That’s why we have you. You make the image clearer. And when we co-create together, we make it even clearer. Your light reflects my light as we attract one another, and in concert together we create more vivid pictures. Brighter beams of projected light. More color expressed through the dimensions of you. Even more love. 

That is the mission of life, to love. Simple and elegant, yes? That’s how the matrix works. It’s not an illusion to trick you into think something’s real or not. It’s to awaken you to your greatest potential as the programmer of your own code. Your own script. Your own life! 

So hit play.

You’re ready for what comes next because you know everything has been lessons for your growth. And you have evolved into the magnificent being you are right now in this brand new moment. Let your life be the movie you want to watch. Let there be love and light, and a happy outcome. 

You choose how it gets to be as other beautiful souls reflect back every lesson you designed, creating a picture even clearer, brighter, and more vivid. You design your love partners, soul mates and family, and twin flame relationships. 

It all comes from within. 

By embodying your higher powers, you see that the movie you’re watching perfectly reflects the lessons you’ve learned. As you light up more, you find that there was never a need to find anything, because everything’s within you! No need to seek anything from another, because the universe reflects back your frequency unto you. You designed it that way. 

Thank you. It is done. It is done It is done. 


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