You Came Here with a Purpose

You ARE the chosen one! I say this because you chose to be here to experience life. To experience Heaven on Earth! You made this choice before time existed. You made this choice with a purpose in mind – a pre-approved path for this human heart to follow. This path was not only a choice, but an agreement. It was an agreement with other frequencies of your consciousness. An agreement with other souls of this existence. An agreement with the physical laws of our universe. You agreed to experience beauty which simply cannot be experienced without the physical senses we have while in the physical form. To experience the kind of love that merges your unique identity with another like-minded identity. You came to merge souls on a path of creating oneness!


Every speck of dust, every planetary body and star system are all in alignment with your soul on this path of enlightenment that you signed up for before being born. Every soul you meet in this lifetime, whether appearing random, hurtful, or fruitful, are all agreements you made to encounter in order to learn lessons in your progression. Lessons to transmute to love. Love to serve humanity, the environment, and the universe.

Did you come here to pay bills? Did you agree to live a life paying taxes? Fearing terrorism and tyrannical governments? People only agree to these things in the lifetime of denial, wearing the masks they choose to block themselves of their own greatness! Did you come here to be categorized? To propagate the illusion based on masks others put on you or you put on yourself? NO!!!! You came here with a purpose and an agreement with every living soul in this existence for your path to manifest as you awaken and flourish.

If you know me, if you have ever seen me or heard me speak or read my blog, or just passed me on the street, then you agreed to experience me in some way. Your agreement with me was that this experience is here either to awaken you or to push you forward on your path to enlightenment. Or both. Or more! Don’t get me wrong – I am not here to rattle this cage you have constructed for yourself or let family and society build around you to entrap you. I am here to completely dissolve it! I am here to unveil the soul behind the mask. I am part of your agreement that you have chosen in this existence to set you free!

You are more than a human. You are more than a category or a number. You are more than your net worth. You are more than your service to this existence! You are the most beautiful creature in all of creation! You are the awakening of the universe itself to its own greater surroundings. You are the transcendence of all that is into something greater than ever imagined! You are a beauty unbeknownst to the human condition. You ARE Heaven on Earth!

So tell me… Comment or share with your own thoughts… Who are you really?? What do you see when you look in the mirror? When you gaze deeply into your own eyes? When you look into your own soul… What did you choose to experience in this lifetime?

What is your purpose?


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