You Choose How You See the World

Imagine a world full of energies, all serving the greater good of the evolution of life. All kinds of energies just flying around everywhere. Envision being surrounded by energy that provides the environment your cells respond to, helping you evolve into your highest self. Guess what? That’s reality! You choose to see the world exactly as you do. Unless you let others choose for you. But you can change that…

Fairies may be considered fictitious characters, but energy is real. 
Energy comes in all kinds of flavors and colors. You choose how to perceive it based on your observations and descriptions.

Pythagoras came up with geometry to describe observations of objects. Shapes now have names. Newton took it further with the laws of physics and calculus. Einstein further refined Newton’s calculations with general and special relativity. Geometry and math have come a long way. And classical science is now being incorporated into quantum physics with robust theories like M-Theory. As we observe more of the universe, the way we describe it changes.

And we see the universe the way we describe it.

There are remnants of old teachings and historical documentation that have yet to be described by modern science. Modern science has focused on describing the physical beings we cohabitate with on Earth. But we’ve all but ignored what we can’t yet describe. Which is pretty much anything that doesn’t fit into the Standard Model. That’s everything made of physical particles–Earth, the Sun, and you and me.

There’s much more to us than what we’ve been taught. 

There’s a nonphysical component. There’s the environment we evolve to. There’s the body of knowledge–and that has no physical element.

So we classify the physical realm. We created kingdom, phylum, genus, species, etc. to describe the physical. And we ignored the rest. But I will tell you this–these things are not real. They are man-made concepts of classification. An animal does not decide what phylum it wishes to be in. Neither do you.

The classifications change as science advances. Darwinian evolution was a good start. And today it is being refined further using DNA. So even though the basis of evolution was proven, the classification of several organisms has changed. T-Rex is related to modern-day chickens. It’s classification was a man-made concept. It didn’t change, we changed where we describe it on the tree of life!

That means that early classifications of energy beings can change too as science advances. We have a lot of historical documentation of angels. There’s actually 9 orders of them! So how is this different than classifying biological life? It’s the same concept!

The energy has always been there before we decided to describe it. Just like geometry, relativity, and quantum physics. Just like how life evolved before we came up with ways to classify organisms. So how can we combine or wisdom, experience, and knowledge (by the way these are all nonphysical–try to find a particle for one) to create more refined classification systems of the energies in our environment right now? You could just argue that fairies aren’t real, or you could open your eyes and observe them as energies that flow with life, love, and consciousness.

They exist in nature.

Maybe they’re traceable as biochemical signals plants put out to communicate. Maybe they’re plants’ rudimentary visual senses. Maybe they’re the consciousness of the combined wisdom from the evolution of the plant kingdom.

That means that angels too can be classified in refined systems. And yes, you can observe them too. They’re the forces of love and light that protect you. And your cells respond to their energy just like plants responding to light! They are in your environment, and when your cells respond to your environment, you evolve.

So let’s open our eyes and our minds.

Let’s refine the classical systems with new observations and come up with hypotheses that can be tested! You’re not going to recognize a biological kingdom, because it doesn’t exist. You’re going to make that shit up as you classify what fits into its parameters.

It is the same with angels. It is the same with consciousness. Go inside yourself. Consciousness is more than self-awareness. It is the very flow of universal love in and through you, transmuting every physical component from the realm of energy into the physical. And yes, there are many many levels of consciousness.

They’re not different beings–you are one with all that is and simply fit into the level of consciousness that you choose to perceive. Just like how you fit a biological classification. Just like how you fit a physical classification.

Yes, fairies and angels are real dear ones, waiting for you to discover their presence. And this presence has always been with you. How you choose to observe it, describe it, and classify it is completely up to you. Are they make-believe? If so then what about the thought patterns you experience? What about your wisdom? Your knowledge? Prove you exist if you will, or you can simply accept that you were born a supremely intelligent being. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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