You Have the Power to Witness. So What Will You See?

What if I just came right out and said that the power of all that is exists in you and all things? Would you believe? And what then, if I were to show you how this can be experienced? Observed? Reproduced? Perception is the key. And notice how you can clear your perception right here and now, removing all that obscures your sight beyond sight, simply by allowing yourself to witness the process of creation. We're not talking about a religious perspective—we're bringing the light of awareness into the realm of scientific discovery. No matter what context we choose to perceive the universe in, we're just here asking the same question. Where do we come from? And now, take notice of how you become aligned with the intention of focusing on the question, not the lens with which one may choose to view it.



Reality's a funny thing. It's not really real. Unless it is. And to our perception, it is. But really, it isn't. In reality, it's both.

We choose to see things the way we see them until we choose to transcend our own biases and limitations. And that's actually pretty darn easy by shifting your perception. For example, you can go out of first person point of view, into second and see through someone's eyes as you are looking at them. You can go out further and view from the eyes of a neutral observer. You can view all three positions simultaneously. And you can even step outside of this superposition, viewing past, present, and future. It's all relative!

As the mind expands, it takes in more information as well as more ways to perceive the information. You see, the mind is really a field of thought, like the Earth's magnetic field. It is a part of you that transcends physicality. Think about it—can you prove that thought exists? Or is it just a repetition of words and emotions? With all of the greatest advances in neuroscience, we have yet to prove the existence of thought—only its physical interactions within the neural networks of the brain and body. So how do we know it's there?

Because we are conscious beings. We evolved advanced intelligence allowing us to learn. We are self aware. And we know that our bodies are responding to energies of the environments around us. Or at least we're starting to find out, as we study the mechanisms behind epigenetics. Everything from your thoughts to the very identity of yourself stored on your cell membranes is linked to your self awareness. And knowing that the intelligence is more than just the brain leads us down a new path. Your cells are intelligent! Yes, there is a natural intelligence within you that is self replicating and evolving. Every cell in your body is purpose-driven. Everything works for the whole. As human intelligence grows, we find that our very identities are serving the whole of something greater. Consciousness. It is the energy. The environment. It's what your cells respond to. It's what your identity tunes into on your own unique frequency.

Knowledge of consciousness naturally leads you into a state of bliss. This is seeing from the superposition. There are no lenses. Nothing clouds the image. There is only what can be perceived by humans as love. Yes, love. The attractive force that brings things together as a result of them coming apart. In the Big Bang, everything separates. As the universe evolves, things start coming together. Just like our understanding of the universe. And when you view from every perceptual position across the infinite possibilities of time, you realize that all of it exists. It's together. It's projected through every seemingly separate subatomic particle. It's projected through YOU! Every bit of information flows through you. And knowing this feels good doesn't it? Yea, that's bliss alright!

And now, let's look through a different perceptual position. Knowing that you can view all that is through multiple points of view across all time, notice how your newly expanded point of view allows you to visualize all parallel possibilities of the universe as if it's one cell. There are many ways in which it can grow and evolve and many timelines in which it can do just that. And in that cell is pure love of all that is. Pure bliss. Existence. Outside that cell, from where you are now seeing, is the environment. The universe is responding to its environment just as your cells do. And what just is this environment?

It's the observer. Observing something allows it to create a snapshot in time that shows the observer what it is in that moment. The observation affects the outcome. That is the trick to consciousness. As you chunk up to the supreme levels, consciousness simply get simpler! Love is simple. It's what you do. It's what you ARE. And being able to take a step back and just observe this is even simpler! So in all of the complexities of the universe and life, consciousness becomes more complex. But in reality, it's quite simple. It's the power to observe and in doing so, create the conditions for life. And that brings us to the question, who is the one doing the observing? If it's a supreme something, that would require a different, more complex way of thinking. But it's so simple. That's because YOU are the intelligence. You are the observer. You are the one creating your reality in the now. All 7 billion of you (and more).

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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