Your Cells Know the Answers

You have a soul. It might not be exactly what you think it is (or isn't) though. It's your identity. It's what makes you uniquely you. Just like the cells in your body. Each one has a specific function and purpose. Its identity is encoded in its cell walls, and it is connected to the whole via biochemical communication. You see, the soul is a cell of something much bigger:the universe. Your purpose is unique. And you are connected to the whole. This is how you just know. How you feel. How you sense. How you love! 


Everything comes to you through connection. Your cells respond to environmental stimuli. This can be energetic and/our genetic. This connection the cells have allows them to respond in such a way that switches genes on and off for generations to come. It's evolution in action! And science didn't know epigenetics until recently. Ancients did though. It's no secret that we're energetically connected. 

The mind works in a similar manner. And I don't mean your brain. Your brain is inside your head, yes? I sure hope so. Your mind can wander. It can expand. It is not limited in the same way as the physical brain. For example, allow yourself to think of an object in another room. Your mind expands to bring this object into your field of awareness. This is your gateway.

Like your cells' biochemical communication using protein molecules, the mind maintains a connection with its outer body. Love, being the attractive force present in all things, allows this communication. It's instant. Knowledge needs no limitations, and that's why quantum entanglement happens. That's faster-than-the-speed-of-light communication. And even though it sounds far-fetched, it's proven science! 

Once you realize that your mind allows this connection, you begin to tap in. You get a sense of belongingness. You see, you can focus on yourself and your power of the I AM proclamation. And you can go further into this connection, beyond the limitations of your identity. 

That next step is I belong to you. It's how you allow the natural flow of energy. It's allowing the universe to learn about itself through your perception. Your lessons. Your enlightenment. Your love. This is your connection to the universal body, as you are now a conscious integral life serving life. You are transcending being human and becoming universal, not just in knowledge--you're doing it in practice. 

This is an example of something you already know (but might not have known that you know). That's called unconscious competence. You don't have to think to make your heart beat--it already knows what to do. All of your cells know how to cooperate to serve life as a whole. And while science is catching up to being able to explain the intricacies of how a cell sparks life, all you have to do is become aware. This takes you to the next step. And that is becoming increasingly aware of the mind. 

Notice how you can imagine the universe as a whole. See yourself as an integral functioning cell connected to the whole. Notice how energy flows through you--life force. Prana. Qi. Kundalini. Love. Whatever you choose to call it, it is there and it is your nature. Let it take you places as you become increasingly aware of the information stream facilitated by your connection. 

This is how ideas happen. This is your natural flow state. When you see people that are masters of their trade, you know that they are connected now, right? And now you know how and why. Most importantly, you know that this power is within you. Just like your cells. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


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