Your Inner Genius

Here’s something that I know you already know, so if you are pretending not to know, this will serve to help you remember. It’s something fully integrated in every cell of your being – a knowing so powerful that every party of you instantly remembers as soon as you allow it: You are a genius!

You have singlehandedly figured out how to pull energy from a field of pure divine love, transmute that energy into vibrations, which then materialize into matter and forces. And with this pure state of knowing that you already know, you can piece these subatomic particles together using nothing but attraction. You are the star that transmutes these parts to turn them into atoms.

You have pieced together everything you need to fully integrate your life right now in this very moment! YOU built your own cells in your body out of biomolecules that you put together from your atomic components. Everything on your life has been one step at a time, with each step building upon the previous. And you didn’t have to figure any of it out. Not one bit – you just simply did it.

This is your inner genius – the part of you that works on a level of consciousness that just works. It simply knows. You always remember. But we don’t ever have to stop and think about how we piece together this reality, do we? Have you ever thought, I think I’ll regenerate these cells today? We just do it! And this is exactly how your inner genius mind works. Think of all of the things you do without having to think of it. This mindset is that which happens. And your consciousness also knows that happiness happens. So complications just melt away as we seamlessly and effortlessly integrate this process of knowing. And that feels good, yes?

Think about a task that you do with ease. What if you could apply that to everything? You can! Cultivating the inner genius is just as easy as being exactly who you are in this moment. Start with the highest positive intention. And whatever it is you wish to start, just start! After all, how long have you been looking at that vision board? Why do you think it had that name?

Just start, then stop. That’s right, you read that correctly. This is the true beauty of genius. Go do something else for while. Play some music or sports. Read a book. Relax and soak up some sun. It’s all good! Because just as easily as your cells regenerate, your work will stream from your mind effortlessly. And your work will integrate seamlessly into every bit of you from a cellular level into a state of pure knowing with ease and grace. That is genius at work!

So before I write this next paragraph, I’m going to put together all the atoms in my body. Let’s see, if I have 300 trillion cells, about how many of each element will I need? Oh wait, that’s already done, and I’m perfect exactly the way I am! We are exactly right where we need to be! So go start something and then stop it! Just let it flow… And bask in your inner glow.

Thank you for reading, sharing, and being my inspiration!


4 Comments on “Your Inner Genius

  1. What wonderful thoughts! Does this tie in to how our minds work while we sleep? I keep a notepad in the nightstand next to the bed to write down things that I think of when I wake up – or even before I wake up completely. Seems like my mind goes on when I don’t!!

    Thanks for more positive inspiration.

  2. While what you say above is all true and promising it does require a lot of determination, will power and concentration to achieve that awareness state 🙂 Thank for sharing such insights which are so simple to embrace yet that seem to be so complex to comprehend or at least to put them in real practice 🙂 This is good to know you are able to use your inner power to fulfill your dreams.

    1. I agree completely, and one of the many benefits of its simplicity is that we don’t actually have to master it yet, but simply know that the knowledge is already there in our higher consciousness. Everything comes to us in our own time, and whenever that time is, it will be the perfect time for us. 🙂 Thank you very much!

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