Karma Hacking 201

What if you could crack the code of the universe to release even more energy, allowing you to receive all new energy coming back to you exponentially greater? Karma is the energy that allows you to pay it forward. It is your lesson plan in the school of life. And most people will tell you that you have to get the lesson to end a specific karma. Because most people don't know this cheat...


The universe is fully programmable. You are programmed from birth with all kinds of things that are stored in your subconscious. In essence, you are a subroutine in the program universe. You have a graphical user interface. A beautiful one! And you are completely customized to your own experience and self learning. Not only that, you are also the programmer. You are the intelligence of this divine consciousness running the program. You ate the observer of the programmer and the program. 
When it really gets down to things, the universal consciousness is really very simple. It runs the program of love. And you do the rest! You actually do sign up for lessons before you're born. You choose parents and even experiences. And you're doing this in eternal time and space, not within the linear timeline you perceive. In this space, think of everything that ever happened to you and everything that will happen as all happening right now simultaneously. That's the power of your subconscious! It automatically understands the infinite nature of time and space. 

At any time, you can go into subtle space to review your lessons. That's the life review. You've been conditioned to believe life review is judgment at the end of your life, but it's not. It's nonjudgmental. And it can happen anytime you are ready. You can review and acknowledge lessons learned when you want to. Your subconscious already knows how to do it. Just trust the process. 

As lessons are learned in life, you release the karma associated with those lessons. Or if you resist learning the lessons, the karma continues in different ways. And you actually can carry unfinished karma into your parallel lives. That's past, present, and future lives. They're all happening now, and as you release karma here it causes ripple effects throughout time releasing your karma in all of your lives. This ain't religion. This is how the universe really works! And that's just the beginning. 

Here's what most people don't tell you: You can hack your karma. If you don't want it anyone, this will release you. Now this isn't your basic how to instructional article. This is powerful advanced stuff that you can be guided through. That's why it's a 201 class. You're not a freshman anymore. You've grown. You've gotten smarter. You've gotten better as you've incorporated all of your previous learnings, now fully integrated in your subconscious. 

This hack is going to go against what a lot of people are telling you. People treat spirituality like religion these days--like the word of God. Be positive. Be kind. Fuck that! 

Here's your hack: react

Get real with it! What feelings are coming up in situations where you have to calm yourself down to gather the lessons? Honor those feelings. Amplify them. Make them louder and brighter. Increase their amplitude as you feel every foam bit of it! Get vulnerable. Be hurt. I invite you to really feel it! 

And then bring up a response from the gut. Release your inner kraken! Yes this means you might lash out in anger (omg, actually using an emotion that you're naturally programmed with). You might cry. Let it flow as you literally open up the floodgates. 

And that's it! The reaction alone can stop the karma in its tracks and prevent it from coming back in new ways. So be real. Be vulnerable. Play with it. Put yourself in a video game and use this hack as a superpower or spell to cast away whatever is unfortunate enough to be up against your awesome power. And take notice how you can always remember that this is your game. This is your program. This is your universe! 

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


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