Gaia Consciousness: The Next Level of Evolution

In 9 Levels of Consciousness, we explored the beginnings of this consciousness that flows through all things. It starts in the singularity, with a simple on/off/mirror trinary switch. From there, the underlying energy (universal love) is infinitely expressed within every single grain of existence. As consciousness flows through each particle, it transmutes into attraction in the flavors of electromagnetism, gravitation, and weak and strong nuclear forces. This process repeats as the periodic table is built by living and dying stars, creating the space for inorganic molecules. Thus, the crystal kingdom is an expression of the first level of consciousness.

photo-1414637104192-f9ab9a0ee249 Here’s the basic rule of consciousness, how it applies to the crystal kingdom, and what it means to us: Consciousness is a flowing energy that always transmutes. It becomes something greater. it evolves. Life evolves. And from the crystal kingdom, early biological building blocks were made of proteins, receiving energy from chemical interactions on the surfaces of crystals. Translation: the spark of life was a natural process of the evolution of consciousness. What flows grows. It’s as simple as that.

Biological life started with crystals. And that’s just the microscopic point of view. And you know I’m about to present the big picture. I’m just that kind of guy! When the stars forged the heavier atoms and blew up, spreading them across the early universe, the next generations of stars that formed in those gas clouds were born with siblings. Planets, asteroids, and comets. These celestial objects work in concert in a grand orchestra of creating life as we know it. Rocky planets like Earth were born from the crystal consciousness and grew into something greater. Comets seeded the surface with water and biological building blocks, and water rose from within the molten magma of the planet. The entire planet was giving birth to the conditions necessary to create life, and the microscopic interactions made it happen.

Our planet is a living entity. We are a product of this petri dish of a planetary scale. In the physical sense at least. So how does crystal consciousness, from a microscopic scale, express itself on a planetary level you ask? In a way with which consciousness expresses itself in another transmutation of energy. Here’s the universe’s trick: all is one. Remember how each particle was an expression of universal love? So were stars. Our planet is in itself an expression of love. Just travel around and you’ll see for yourself. From glorious mountains to peaceful beaches, there is beauty everywhere!

One may make the argument that the world is actually quite inhospitable, I mean survival of the fittest, right? This idea has been imposed upon us ever since the advent of evolution. We know evolution is correct. But what if survival of the fittest is not? Today, we have overwhelming evidence that those who have adapted were not always the strongest, but the ones that cooperated, forming mutually beneficial relationships. Relationships that grew as species evolved. Why is this important? This is a reflection of how we described consciousness earlier. That which grows. 

Evolution is as expression of consciousness on a global scale. Now we can see the purpose behind the veil of secrecy… We can see why life can be perceived as a brutal struggle for survival. And more importantly, we can see how in the big picture point of view, everything is done for the highest and best good of the evolution of the planet itself. Ever heard someone say that humans aren’t good for the planet? Please don’t repeat this limiting belief. Rather, do something that matters. The fact is, our species wouldn’t have made it this far without mutually beneficial relationships with other evolving species. Just ask your dog or cat. We’re all in this together.


That’s what this is all about. We are all in this together for the purpose of evolution. This is the consciousness of nature. Level two. It doesn’t think like we do. It is a simple expression of the transmutation of energy. In the beginning, we saw this in a trinary switch. Now, on and off is the difference between life and death of a species. And the mirror? That;s survival of the mutually beneficial species. The edge to survival in the big picture. I guess nature’s not so bad after all. What if ever since the dawn of the first cellular life, nature has been pushing life in a direction not only to evolve, but to help others evolve? What if we could rewrite evolution now, knowing what we know about the Gaia consciousness, and tracing our evolutionary roots through mitochondrial DNA?

We might just rewrite history. Our perception has the power to change the outcome of our own evolution. But that might be an expression of yet another level of consciousness, yes? Tune in as we widen this frequency spectrum known as consciousness. We’re about to experience a whole new channel…


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