9 Levels of Consciousness

Consciousness can be viewed as the many facets of one crystal. There are many ways to look at it and multiple points of view. We can look at a diamond, aligning ourselves with any facet we choose, and we’re still experiencing the same diamond. This is consciousness. We may have been taught that consciousness is self awareness, but what if this is but one of the many facets with which to view consciousness as a whole? How can we widen our perspective to allow even more understanding of the multifaceted consciousness within every grain or our existence? Just asking the question creates the space for this very consciousness to answer…


Here’s a little backstory to how the human “consciousness” works: We love to categorize, pigeon-hole, and label everything. Yes, everything! This is why I have summarized consciousness into nine levels. We could easily view many more levels, unless we don’t. Each facet of this diamond, regardless of how viewed, follows one simple rule: as above, so below. We will see this as we move up the chain in this series of articles. The first level is not only the beginning, it is also the final destination. And I’ll show you why.

The first level of consciousness is expressed as a dimensionless pure form of energy. The underlying energy of the universe. Pure love. In its singularity state, this energy is in the womb, ready to be expressed when the conditions are right. At that moment, which is the perfect moment for our built-in understanding of the continual process, energy is transmuted in a ‘trinary” switch (like binary with off, on, and mirror). The switch is a continual cycle, and at the time we observe it, we observe one or more states. When the singularity is switched on, we observe the Big Bang. Energy is transmuted from singularity. We observe a primordial soup of particles and antiparticles (the mirror of the particles). Yet somehow, we are able to view this process in such a way that antiparticles are outweighed in favor of the stuff we’re made of. This is basic consciousness—computer code that the universe is written in.

This consciousness is within every single bit of information contained in the universe. Because every bit of information is an expression of the singularity. This is also why we observe particles in the state of quantum entanglement. Everything is in communication regardless of time and space. This communication allows particles to build structure. The very nature of the switching mechanism allows particles to experience themselves in the realm of duality. Particles interact with the Higgs Field, resulting in mass. Particles then attract. Protons are formed by spinning quarks resulting in a positive charge. Electrons have very little mass due to less interaction with the Higgs Field resulting in a perceived opposite, and they acquire a negative charge. And then viola, atoms are formed via attraction. Attraction is consciousness, albeit a very basic code. Consciousness is expressed from love! Simple yet elegant.

Now, we’re really just getting started on the first level of consciousness. This is inorganic life. Atoms are the beginning. More and more atoms form in the early universe from the primordial soup. This allows light to flow freely throughout the universe. As the ancients wrote, there was a command, ‘light be,’ to which the universe responded ‘be light.’ Everything is mirrored. This is how life starts, by observing this process of growth.

The atoms form clouds of hot gasses in the early universe. Then something happens. This is something we experience in our lives as humans. Everything collapses inward. But right when we think it is over, we find that life starts. Stars are born in this moment. Stars are an expression of the consciousness of attraction, as they transmute the immense gravitational energy into nuclear fusion reactors that build heavier atoms. Now this consciousness is fine tuning itself to create elements of life as we know it! And as a testament to never giving up, stars live their entire lives just to create a few heavier elements. But the miracle of life is an expression of this consciousness of love and attraction. When stars die, others are born in their wake, building upon the legacy of atoms created before them. With each generation of stars, heavier elements are transmuted from the attraction of energy. Consciousness is building something with every step.

The iron in our veins was made and spread throughout the early universe by this process. As were all of the atoms necessary to create the crystal kingdom. Most of the atoms forged in the stars’ reactors are built in such a way that they attract others to form molecules. Attraction flourishes in the crystal kingdom by allowing geometric frameworks to be built, forming repeating units to keep building. Like attracts alike. Love transmutes to energy, atoms, life, and now structure.


Sacred geometry is an expression of this consciousness. We can see sacred geometry in the structures built by the crystal consciousness. The Merkaba, our shape that symbolizes ‘as above, so below,’ is remarkably similar to the tetrahedron, a common repeating unit found in most crystals on our planet and elsewhere. This isn’t coincidence. This knowledge is built into us, just as many forms from this consciousness level are. Minerals make up part of our necessary diet. Minerals make up our surroundings, and even provide necessary ingredients for life to form (electron donors – the consciousness of attraction expressing itself again and again). And as crystal consciousness grows further, the building blocks of the next levels of consciousness are formed. Proteins are expressed as crystals, now with the ability to transform and perform multiple functions. Now, the crystal kingdom starts to come alive… Stay tuned for the next level!


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  1. The revolutionary aspect of Nichiren Buddhism is that it seeks to directly bring forth the energy of this consciousness–the enlightened nature of the Buddha–thus purifying the other, more superficial layers of consciousness. It also helps explain how Buddhism sees the eternal continuity of our lives over cycles of birth and death.

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