Are You a Consciousness Channel?

If nature has consciousness, imagine what we’re capable of if we can harness this frequency to be more in tune with our surroundings. After all, we’re part of nature—more important than most people give ourselves credit for. In fact, we’re kind of an ice-age-prevention plan for the Earth if you think about how our actions have recently affected the natural climate swings.

Nature has connections. We might not think of plants as intelligent life forms, yet they are remarkably capable of sensing. Heck, they practically invented light sensors. Even though they don’t have eyes, plant still have a very rudimentary “vision.” And that’s not all! Plants use biochemical signals to sense danger and communicate in communities. That’s powerful! The consciousness that helps communities thrive through beneficial interactions is the driving force of evolution. Perhaps this is also why plants are so beneficial to the animal kingdom. Nature’s beautiful balance shows us how powerful beneficial relationships are throughout our evolutionary timeline.

The animal kingdom has plenty of secrets we can tap into as well. Without the brainpower we possess, dung beetles can navigate using the stars. The ability is simply built in. Hard-wired in their nervous system. Do we have some of the same abilities? We’re just starting to learn how to tap into our abilities (unless we learned before and are now relearning). We are usually much more in tune than we give ourselves credit for. And that lack of credit might just be what holds some back in their perception. Here’s what it all boils down to: perception.

We saw how nature consciousness developed a sense of perception, and how it becomes more complex as we work our way up the DNA chain. As humans, we have moved most perceptive abilities to the forefront of what we call consciousness—or self awareness. The third level of consciousness. But is this really what consciousness is, or could it possibly be biased by limiting beliefs simply because we haven’t discovered all of our potential yet (well, some of us)? What if consciousness starts with our perception, but in our expanded awareness, we learn how to channel the built-in consciousness that guided our cells through evolution and even holds them together in our body using very complex biochemical communication?

Remember how we described level 1 consciousness in the universe’s primordial soup: it is the underlying energy flowing through all things. We are channeling it. What if, instead of us being self-aware, we’re really consciousness itself becoming self aware? How would the ever-evolving perceptive abilities help out in this process? Perhaps all of our collective consciousness feeds back into the mechanism to upload what we perceive. How cool is that? Yes, we are indeed connected. It is a deep-down knowing within us that’s still waiting to be discovered and scientifically explored. Unless it has been explored. Many of us are experiencing extrasensory abilities, seemingly multiplying in these modern times. I mean intuition. Trusting your gut. That’s all it takes. Many people develop intuitive abilities allowing clear third eye vision, the ability to hear messages from transitioned loved ones, past masters, and even angels. There ‘s no limit to what we’re capable of. Limits are completely self-imposed due to our own lack of understanding of our consciousness. And I can guide you to break free!


Now we realize that 1) we are part of consciousness and 2) self-awareness and perception go hand-in-hand in how we evolve in the third realm of consciousness. In this process, we have gained intelligence. And so begins our quest to search the universe and explain how we came to be. We have leaned all about the inner-workings of ourselves, and the outer-workings of the universe, and now we’re starting to put it all together to show what is really means for us. This is what I call divine intelligence. Our innate abilities to guide our own evolution are being tapped into. What this means is that we can guide our own next step of evolution. With the discovery of epigeneitcs, we found out how we program our DNA across generations. What if we can harness this power for the highest and best good of all? We can, simply by doing what benefits the community. The epigenome is affected directly by the environment around us. And we are in a state where we are affecting the environment. Now it’s time to align with the environment and benefit life on Earth!

If you are now starting to realize your ultimate power within, then I will tell you this. It just keeps getting better! This is because this self-awareness of ours is but the tip of the iceberg. We think we’re in control. We make decisions that affect our lives, right? But do we consciously do everything? Here’s where the built-in intelligence takes control—about 95% or more, compared to the rest that is what we perceive to be us in control. This is the next level and it’s right here, right now. I will guide you to tap into this higher consciousness powerhouse that’s built in to each and every one of us… Get set for Level 4!



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  1. ACIM says we are host to God, our name is God’s name, and His Will be done. Put the future in the Hands of God, step back let him lead the way, today I will judge nothing that occurs, I will receive whatever I request. My present happiness is all I see. It says to have perfect peace and wholly without fear of any kind, which is the final test of understanding that God’s lesson is learned and not my own. Finally it says we give the future to God’s Holy Spirit to lead the way, for we would only follow, certain that only peace will come to us. And that now there is no room for anything except joy and thanks.

    CWG God says that we are living the Soul’s Agenda, that we can pick a perfect outcome as we perceive it and go for it, accepting what comes, even blessing and loving what shows up, enjoying it and being grateful for it.

    Jesus said the same in the Bible: not my will but yours be done…but also said ask and it is given… and he says that we are all gods but will die like mere men.

    The Book of Truth also says we are channels for our True Self, the Creator as us and that we inform consciousness through our witnessing… it also says earth is frought with fear and the fear must be attended to to have peace on earth. It also says that testing will come to deny Who you truly are and that the best prayer is thanksgiving for all that happens.

    In heavenletters God says that we could say that he has all the moves, all the right moves…

    Does it mean we flow with what is happily and peacefully and only attend to anything as it comes up and not worry or plan for the future, only living in the present now?

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